Steve Lesnard shares his principles of digital world product marketing

It is undeniable that the digital era we are in now has brought a lot of changes to lots of industries. One industry that has changed by a great deal is product marketing. Most companies are still trying to figure out how to do product marketing in the digital world. Recently, the celebrated global brand marketing expert and consultant, Steve Lesnard wrote a very insightful article on the matter. In this article, he shared his principles of digital world product marketing. Steve has a very decorated career as a global brand marketing expert having worked with numerous notable companies.

Make the campaign simple and memorable

The expert global brand marketing consultant wrote in his article that many brands today miss the mark by aiming for sophisticated campaigns. He pointed out that from his experience the best approach is to keep the marketing drive simple and memorable. The campaign should be based on a simple idea that people can easily understand according to Steve Lesnard.

Steve went on to mention that despite the idea being simple it should also be memorable. This means that the consumers can carry the product in their head until the day that they make the purchase. This expert global brand marketing consultant went on to give the example of Apple. He pointed out that Apple has been using this tactic for most of their products. This was very fruitful for the case of the iPod marketing campaign.

Bring the idea to life and make a connection

According to Steve Lesnard, bringing the idea to life and making connections is very vital to the success of a marketing campaign. He mentioned that a marketing campaign should show the benefits of the products to its intended consumers. This way, the consumer can clearly see how having the product will improve their life.

In addition to this, marketing teams should also consider taking advantage of testimonials in their campaigns. Steve Lesnard pointed out that consumers tend to believe more testimonials from their fellow consumers. He went ahead to mention that a professional or business that can well apply these principles should expect nothing but success.

Gulf Coast Western Tightens Its Grip on the United States Gulf Coast

Joint Ventures Company is a game changer in America’s Oil and Gas energy industry. Also known as Gulf Coast Western, LLC, the company employs its unmatched expertise and technological strategies. The company explores the United States gulf coast region in a big way. It specializes in areas that are not only well developed but also have the right geophysical and geographical combination.

According to the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Fleeger, Joint Ventures looks for the areas that have significant ROI, Return on Investment. Besides, Gulf Coast Western weighs on the risk factors that might hurt both the company and its business partners. Matthew admits that the success attained by the company over the years is not automatic. It depends on its integrity, honesty, respect, and trust towards its partners.

Gulf Coast Western has built a name for itself since it started operating 49 years ago. With its headquarters in Dallas, the company’s wings have spread to Colorado, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Gulf Coast Western made a grand entrance in Southwest Louisiana through collaborating with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration Company. On the other hand, the latter had already acquired Orbit Energy Partners form Lafayette, Louisiana.

The collaboration was a boost to Gulf Western because it acquired the rights to explore 3D seismic data and a massive chunk of productive land. The deal saw the company have access to 140 drilling locations and 13 working wells in Southern Louisiana. Cumulatively, Gulf Western added about 30 million barrels of oil to its portfolio.

The collaboration with the two companies opened doors to the access of more than 1000 square miles of reserves. The areas covered include Beauregard, Evangeline, Acadia, Cameron, St. Landry Parishes, Allen, and Calcasieu. Gulf Coast Western has laid down procedures of engaging more with other partners in the industry for successful expansion strategies.


Tim Ioannides Shows The Power Of Compassion


Most of us can think back to a time when love and compassion drove us to do the seemingly impossible. But those tend to be one off occurrences. However, every now and then an example comes up of someone who’s been living his life by that principle.

Tim Ioannides is one of those people. He is the founder of the Treasure Coast Dermatology practice located in Florida. Dr. Tim Ioannides has definitely proven to be a trustworthy dermatologist in many areas of skincare to the community he serves.

And the story of his early years paints a picture of how many people he’d be able to help in the future. And help is something of an understatement given that he’s saved countless lives. The fact that this is all said of a dermatologist and entrepreneur might surprise some people.

But the fact is that Tim Ioannides did start out by walking the standard path of most dermatologists. He had a moment of reflection as a result though. In his early years he worked for another physician. And it gave him a chance to really judge where that path would lead him. To be sure, cosmetic surgery can do a lot of good for people. But Tim Ioannides was well aware that it could do even more.

Tim didn’t want to simply improve lives, he wanted to save anyone who might be in danger. It’s easy to forget about skin cancer. In large part because it’s often easily treated when caught early enough. But what people are often unaware of is that skin cancer can quickly turn into one of the most deadly cancers if left undiscovered for too long.

Tim Ioannides was always very aware of the harsh realities involved with skin cancer. And he let his heart guide him to a path which would let him save lives. The end effect is that he was able to start his own practice.

Ioannides created a practice focused on using dermatology to save lives. And the combination of his drive and his results allowed the practice to grow. His practice now extends to five different locations. And this has given him an inspiring history.


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Academy of Art University: An Award Winning School in every Aspect

Academy of Art University, established in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, and wife Mrs. Clara Stephens in San Francisco, California has been a 2018 winner of three Rookie Awards, including Top 5 Worldwide 3D Motion Graphic School, Creative Media & Entertainment School, as well as #1 in America for Best Digital Illustration School. However, the awards stretch beyond the arts sector and well into their athletic department. In the article, Academy of Art University Sees the Synergy Between Art and Athletics, Dan Sheets covers information about the ART U Urban Knights, the university’s athletic department and the benefits of combining arts with athletics, the first arts university in America to do so; in his article written April 6, 2019.

The athletic program, encompassing sixteen different men and women’s teams was created in 2007 and by 2012 became a member of the Division II National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). During their first postseason eligibility, the department won two NCAA National Championships in Women’s Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field. Since, the Urban Knights have made forty post-season appearances, and have many award-winning team members.

Mobolade Ajomale, an Urban Knights Men’s Track and Field member, has six NCAA Division II National Titles. Ajomale, a Bronze winner in the 2016 Summer Olympics, plans to return in 2020 to secure the Gold. Two members of the Men’s Golf team, Lawrence Liang and Jose Lopez Butron, won multiple honors at the Addy Awards for their ad “Never Walk Away,” focusing on women athletic empowerment. And Chanel Stuart, a two-time winner of PacWood Freshman of the Week. Sheets states, such awards came from strong ambition and nurtured skills that both artistic and athletic students share.

Sheets added, the students’ success not only comes from natural talent but also from the ability to accept criticism from many people and in various forms. He mentions that the balancing of long practice hours toward each prospective craft against other important life events develops imperative time management. Sheets further states, mutually art and athletic students find it easy to talk about their passion, but they also learn the knack of listening, enabling strong communication. Sheets remarks a primary key, vital to many-sided quests, such as artistic and athletic professions with demanding time limitations and supplies needed in each pursuit require a methodical approach to the scholars’ skillful organization.

With the awards and accomplishments of the students and university combined, the Academy of Art University rings true to their Accreditation and Mission Statements:

“Academy of Art University prepares aspiring professionals in the fields of design, communication and the arts by developing excellent undergraduate and graduate degree and certification and portfolio development programs.”

Richard Liu Qiangdong Proves That Temporary Failure Is Just Fine


Future entrepreneurs have to know that the road ahead will not be one that is paved with gold, silver, and fast cash. The truth of the matter is that entrepreneurship can be a hazy picture and it can take a lot out of you. The entrepreneur has to learn to adjust from one environment to the other one and they have to learn the fundamentals of the new environment.


The Transition From Corporate Life to Startup Life

Entrepreneurs such as Richard Liu know that transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurial life may be quite difficult. The reason that this is so is because of the change from one form of living to another.


Think about it, people like Richard Liu Qiangdong had to face more uncertainty and more challenges than the person that may be going to work at a stable corporation like AT&T or IBM.


The challenge for the current or future employee is to impress their manager or employer enough to continue at their steady pace of work, the challenge of the entrepreneur such as Richard Liu Qiangdong is to find out what the market wants and to go deliver it as quickly and efficiently as possible. See Related Link for additional information.


The Challenge of Employee Differs from the Entrepreneur

The challenge of the employee seems a bit more straightforward, right? The employee just has to understand the hiring process and be competent enough, with the right skills, experience, and credentials to show the employer they can help the business in some form or fashion. The entrepreneur has to face the greater challenge of figuring out the problem, the solution and how to be as good as possible to make the consumer happy.


This is not to say that the life of the employee may not be difficult, there may certainly be hardships within the employee life but it is quite likely that the entrepreneur faces more uncertainty.


Entrepreneurs such as Richard Liu had to continue to press forward even when they didn’t feel like and felt discouraged, they had to move forward because they had to use their time and resources wisely.


Richard Liu is one of the top entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry. As a testament to Liu’s admirable business practices, he has received numerous national and international awards for his entrepreneurship, business influence, innovation, and leadership.


After launching his first online retail website sometime in 2004, he founded his only a year later.


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Boraie Development Has Just Added An Exciting New Property To The New Brunswick Market:

In a recent announcement from the offices at Boraie Development, the leasing office for The Aspire is now open for applications. The Aspire is the newest project that urban real estate development organization Boraie Development has been working on in the downtown district of New Brunswick, New Jersey. This has been quite an impressive accomplishment on the part of the New Jersey-based development and this luxury residential complex is on a prime piece of real estate as it is located next to New Brunswick’s train station. This is a critical hub for travel to areas such as Philadelphia and Manhattan and it serves to make the 238 units available in The Aspire all the more appealing.

The Boraie Development property The Aspire has a lot of other great things going for it as well. These include the fact that the doorman service is operational at all times and the facility has its own private exercise area. The Aspire also sits in the hottest area for nightlife and shopping in the city of New Brunswick. This really helps to make this an appealing new option for the luxury real estate market in New Brunswick.

In other major New Jersey news for Boraie Development, the company has been working in Newark on a new high-rise facility. One of the co-investors in this project is Newark basketball legend, Shaquille O’Neal. This exciting high-rise is the first of its kind in many decades in the city of Newark.

A man who stood all odds in the banking sector, Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has parleyed as the icon in the Brazilian investment field. He was born in the years where investment in his country was a no go zone. He worked very hard at the high school level and secured a chance in the previous Parana Federal University.

He pursued engineering to emulate his father and on the fact that the university was synonymous with engineering. He later switched to economic and graduated with a degree in economics in the same university.

He later got a job as a banker. Engineers were preferred by many banks for the use of sliding rules to calculate interest for the modern computers and calculators were not advance. He was highly regarded for his hard work.

He worked for Multibanco for about two years before being elevated to the position of the CEO. He earlier on worked as the companies directly and sat on the board of directors’ seat. The bad news hit him that the Americans finally acquired the bank.

He later got a chance at Unibanco. He worked there until 1985.he then went to work for Libra PLC. He worked so hard that he opened more doors for the investors. He was made the board of Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. A position he served for seven years.

Igor Cornelsen began his company in 1995. He recounts how he handled the knowledge he gathered from his mentors and the ups and downs of the bank.

He advises young entrepreneurs to be innovative. To convert ideas into tangible trends. Hey should endeavor to learn the trends in the market continuously and they will succeed in their endeavors.

Igor Cornelsen’s bank has experienced a drastic rise in profits. The level of his operations has also beefed up. He projects to make a profit despite the wrong economic policies in Brazil.


Gino Pozzo Is More Than Just A Fan Of Football


Gino Pozzo owns the Watford Football Club and he hopes that you’ll consider becoming a fan. His ability to help turn lower-division teams into top league teams is well-known in the Sports scene of Europe. The native of Italy’s parents also enjoyed football and had a lot to do with the passion that he holds today. His father was also a football club owner after using the money that he had made from his tool making business in 1986. The family of Gino Pozzo had been in the woodworking business for generations before they made the decision to purchase the team.

The team managed to help make their Udinese club a success that is still talked about to this day. In 2008, Gino Pozzo and his family decided to sell their business so they could focus on their teams and other ventures. The family has also started working with finance mergers and property along with their sports club ownership. While their responsibility for their sports teams may be important to them, Gino Pozzo notes that it is not what takes up most of their time. Even though it may not be their main investment, they still do everything that they can to make sure that they do it right.

The family gives Gino Pozzo credit for a lot of their success. He is considered the mastermind of the family that has helped them ensure the growth and success of the teams that they purchased. They purchased the Watford Club back in 2012 to help them get out of the Fourth Division and move up in the ranks. Gino Pozzo was so devoted to the project that he moved his entire family to London in order to better manage the team. He stated that he had always enjoyed Football in England.

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Sharon Prince Continues To Lead Grace Farms In Humanitarian Advocacy

In 2009 Sharon Prince had a vision of having her own startup that would help enhance the lives of many people. She opened grace farms which would later spearhead in improving peoples wellbeing through faith, justice and reaching out to the community. Over the past decade, Ms. Sharon Prince has been the driver behind the success of Grace Farms.


Besides, she was behind the commission of SANNA company that worn the Pritzker Prize in the past few years. Sharon graced in the groundbreaking of the company’s new building River. Before starting up Grace Farms, she led the company 66North as the President. The company was solely established to design outwear brands as well as distribute them across America.


Today, Grace farms is well known as place for peace and grace by the communities. However, they are also contributing towards environmental sustainability as well as promotion of the greater good in the society. To be noted, Grace Farms has bagged several awards including; Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize, AIA National Architecture Honor Award, and Design Award.


Due to her diligence to work Ms. Sharon Prince was appointed in the Architecture jury in one of the awards received. As she continues to pioneer Grace Farms, Sharon Prince has fought different social injustices as gender inequality, child abuse, human trafficking among others. Additionally, the company has participated in several international movements in advocacy towards violation of human rights.


This has made Sharon Prince Grace Farms become recognized internationally through the United Nations. “Unchain: Freedom Need Fighters” was one of the awareness programs started by the company to fight the human social injustices in the world.


Internationally she works with Next Generation Nepal as a member of the Board of Directors helping the victims of social injustices as they continue to create awareness to the world. Visit This Page for more information.


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Jingdong Joins Earth Hour Once Again


Earth Hour is an environmental initiative that was launched in Australia in 2007 by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The initial goal was to reduce the number of lights that people used for one hour. Everybody was to switch off unneeded lights for a synchronized hour. Since that time it has expanded into other initiatives and is observed in 187 nations.


Jingdong operates the website They are supporting Earth Hour as they have done in years past. launched multiple sustainability programs such as the recycling of products and offering green packaging to its customers. One initiative involves clothing where what customers donate is either recycled or provided to needy people. Many organizations have supported this effort including businesses and universities. JD collected 200,000 pieces of clothing in 2018 in nearly 50 cities in China and has so far collected 1,000,00 pieces of clothing in total. Go To This Page to learn more.


One of the new things that is collecting this year is infant formula cans., also known to many Chinese as Jingdong Mall, collect these in a partnership with Mead Johnson Nutrition and Wyeth Nutrition. The goal is to reduce waste and recycle these cans by converting them into pencil cases that are colorful and can be used by children from low-income households in school. has over 300 million customers across almost the entirety of China. They can deliver products to 99 percent of China which is more than any other retailer. They have a comprehensive and vast in-house logistics network that includes drones and other alternative methods of delivering products. International Affairs leader Christine Wong said that her company is always looking for ways to make the business more sustainable and responsible. They chose to participate in Earth Hour so that they could offer a more environmentally sensitive business model.


JD has a great record as an environmentally responsible firm. Their entire fleet of vehicles is being converted to ones that are using green energy, for instance. The goal is to reduce the impact that their business activities have on the Earth and build a more sustainable business mode.


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