Bob Reina: The Right Guy To Know

Bob Reina is the type of person that is very good to know if someone is looking to change their life for the better. A lot of people talk about it, discuss it, and maybe even pine over it, but they don’t know where to start or how to begin. That is where Bob Reina comes in with his company Talk Fusion, the video communications service, as they show them the ropes. When researching Bob Reina, it is hard not to see that he has an honest face and he is a caring individual with the biggest heart a CEO has ever had. He is most definitely in this for the right reasons.


Talk Fusion is just a new way of life. For so long, people thought they were stuck in 9-5 jobs and they had no way out, whatsoever. They had to work their jobs, take a lot of nonsense from their bosses, and they had no other options. The idea of working from home, being self-employed, or even running their own business is not something that really crossed their mind. Now, times have changed for the better. When customers use Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, they are getting a top of the line product with a lot of video features to get their company up and running. Learn more:


Once it is up and running, Bob Reina does not stop there. He keeps it going for the customers. He wants to see it go to another level for them. He wants them to be as happy as humanely possible. This is not just something where they sign up and they are left with a lot of questions and not many answers. They are there with them like a best friend in their corner. They will help them navigate through all of this and make it as simple as possible.


This way, they can simply use their instincts, have fun, and see the business grow. That is what it is all about for the customer: using their instincts. They don’t have to think so much and worry so much. They can just be themselves.


Richard Mishaan Design A Top NYC Firm with a Columbian Flair

One New York City architectural and interior design firm has become the top firm known for its lavishly unique interiors. This is the Richard Mishaan firm that has been featured in various publication including Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, and other publications. Known for sophistication and unique designs the firms it has work in the Trump World Towers and Shelburne Hotel.


The interiors combine luxury furnishings with functional designs and colorful pieces of art for individualized lifestyles. Mr. Mishaan’s appreciation for craftsmanship, artisanal textiles, decorative arts and handmade porcelains set his interior design apart from other firms. Listening to the wishes and ideas of clients his firm can create a personal and comfortable feel to the skillfully created design. Some interior designs created by the firm range from 17 Century French, Italian Neo-Classic and African Tribal designs. The firm has done interior designs in private homes, the Kep Bay Boys and Girls Show House, and the presidential suite at the St. Regis Hotel.


The Richard Mishaan Design Firm has a team of knowledgeable and experienced interior designers that along with the reputation of Richard Mishaan make the firm stand out above the rest.


Richard Mishaan founder of Richard Mishaan Design has over 25 years of experience in interior design. Mr. Mishaan was born in Cartagena, Columbia, partially raised in Italy and Bogota. He credits his inspiration and style to the memories from the colorful cities he lived as a child. In 1978 Mr. Mishaan moved to New York City where he attended New York University earning a BA and then studied at Columbia University School of Architecture.


Richard Mishaan began his career at Phillip Johnson’s Office as an intern earning experience in interior design, architecture, and fashion. This along with his Columbian heritage helped to shape his firm’s interior designs that have become sought after as a top interior designer.

A Great Legal Mind On The Rise

One of the promising legal attorneys in Brazil is on the rise. Bruno Fagali is a great mind that adds his experience in legal matters pertaining to administrative law, civil liability, regulatory law, urban law, and public and anti-corruption law.

When Bruno Fagali first started his ventures as a legal component to society he interned for a number of legal companies and grew his experience and ethics. Having received his Bachelor’s Law Degree from Pontifical Catholic University, he also remains part of several other law organizations within Brazil.

While he has dominated himself as a rising force in Brazil, he continues to provide an exceptional example of ground work and morals. As he sets the bar for others in his field of legal and political experience.

Bruno Fagali has created a solid name and reputation for himself within the legal community. He is paving the way for a brighter and stronger capacity and understanding of the legal terms, corporate laws and the way attorneys and legal representatives will view it all. Bruno Fagali has a straight forward approach that signifies integrity and a love of the law and legal matters.

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Bruno Fagali portrays himself as a sophisticated and exceptional attorney that truly wants to help others. He shows in the quality of his work that he actually cares and puts quality and ethics into his work. When you are dealing with someone who deals in the legal politics of regulatory law, compliance issues, or administrative and ethics laws; you can have a certain image in your mind. I think it is best to drop this preconceived notion of what we picture and look at the face of the man.

Bruno Fagali is an exceptional man with a highly qualified set of skills that encompass negotiation, legal and moral ethics, a great sense of value on quality and honesty, and heavy expectations for others to meet the same expectations he has set for himself and the standard he has demonstrated as a great attorney.

Bruno Fagali is a name that can be trusted because of the reputation he has already set for himself as a promising attorney on the rise.

Visit for more information about Bruno Fagali.

Richard Mishaan Design: Interior Decor Meets Passion

Being able to juggle work with your own passion and hobbies is akin to finding the right balance in your career life. There is no one who does it better than Richard Mishaan. Many know Richard Mishaan as an interior designer and the founder and owner of Richard Mishaan Design. Richard Mishaan Design is a design firm which has taken the architecture and interior design world by storm.



While many people associate Richard Mishaan with Richard Mishaan Design, not many of them know about his roots. He was born in Columbia and his work bears heavy influences from his culture and upbringing. Mishaan started his career as an apprentice at a firm owned by Phillip Johnson. He did his apprenticeship after earning his BA degree from the New York University. He also attended the Columbia University School of Architecture.



As an interior designer, Mishaan is one of the best creative minds in the industry. He is also the proud author of two books which give insights into the world of design and architecture. The two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, were published by the reputed Monacelli Press.



Most designers look up to Richard Mishaan and his firm. Richard Mishaan Design has worked with many clients to come up with interior design concepts that are tasteful and modern. The firm serves both commercial and residential clients, with most of their clients being in the hospitality industry. Richard Mishaan Designed has managed to stay on top of their game and has earned recognition from various A-List magazines like Elle Décor.



In order to see what Richard Mishaan and his firm do, you can browse their website. They have completed various projects which might be of interest to you or give you inspiration on what you want for your space.

Glen Wakeman and His Ability to Change Companies for Good

Glen Wakeman was asked what is one software or online service that he uses in his line of work. He was also asked how he uses it and how it makes him more productive at his job. Mr. Wakeman says that he uses software and online services at work. He considers live chat to be a low cost and efficient way of providing customer service to clients. At the same time, live chat is highly professional, flexible and lets Glen Wakeman see what problems his customers are experiencing right away.


Another program that Glen Wakeman uses is called Doodle. He says he finds it very useful to organize meetings and plan his business calendar. Doodle helps to keep administration costs low while being organized and on top of things. Glen Wakeman also uses the application called Fiverr. He says this application gives him the ability to access resources from around the globe. Glen Wakeman adds that Fiverr is also very inexpensive and fast which he loves. The reviews that Glen Wakeman obtains from Fiverr are also extremely useful to him. He says that the reviews help him improve his company and provide better services.


The last question given to Glen Wakeman was what is one book he suggests that the Ideamensch community pick up and read. Ideamensch also inquired why he specifically recommended that book. Glen Wakeman replied that the one book he thinks the Ideamensch community should pick up and read is The Art of War written by Chinese general Sun Tzu.


Glen Wakeman says that there are dozens of lessons to be gleaned from reading and studying The Art of War which. The book which is over 2,500 years old can teach you valuable lessons about things such as discipline, teamwork, and preparation. Japanese businessmen consider this book a must read and view business as economic war. That is partly why the Japanese have been so successful and tough in business. Glen Wakeman is full of wisdom and if you really delve into it wisdom, then it will be a page turner book for you.


What the Osteo Relief Institute Tells Patients to do to Avoid Discomfort from Arthritis

Not everyone is able to be blessed with great genetics. In many cases, people suffer from health problems due to a family history of health problems. Most people do not consider this when they hear the words arthritis. The fact of the matter, however, is that if someone in your family has arthritis, the likelihood of you developing this disease is increased. The Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey wants people to understand that some people are at increased levels for developing this problem.


The other factor that the Osteo Relief Institute wants people to know is that the heavier you are in weight, the more likely you are to develop arthritis in the knees. Your knees carry the burden of your weight and therefore will deteriorate quicker than other joints in the body.


The Osteo Relief Institute plays a key role in helping its patients to learn techniques and exercises that will help to relieve some of the pain caused by arthritis. The relief center wants others to know that there are things that can be done daily to reduce swelling, inflammation, pain and more from arthritis.


In order to bring relief to yourself from the discomfort of arthritis, you can do a number of things daily to prevent pain from limiting your functions daily. One thing that the Osteo Relief Institute tells its patients to do in order to relieve discomfort is to stick to a daily routine ( This routine can help bring relief to your body. If you exercise daily, you will start to teach your muscles how to properly function. The use of medical treatments is also another way to bring relief to your body.


For your daily routine, you want to engage in gentle exercise movements before bed to help you feel less stiff first thing in the morning upon waking. While working daily, you will want to change position often which prevents your body from becoming stuff. Try to move around at least once every half hour. You should also avoid repetitive movements according to the Osteo Relief Institute (YouTube). By repeating movements, you can make your body overuse a particular portion of the body and this can actually increase pain and discomfort.