Betsy DeVos Answers Questions on School Choice Movement

Betsy DeVos has always been known as a reformer. Before being married, when she was a young girl named Elizabeth Prince and attending classes at Calvin College, she first became politically active and has remained so ever since.


In the 30 years following her time in college, Mrs. DeVos has taken a leadership role in a variety of political organizations and campaigns. This includes a six-year stint as the chairman of the Republican party in Michigan.


Mrs. Devos, along with her husband Dick, is also heavily involved In philanthropy through a number of non-profit organizations. Betsy is the chairman of the family foundation she founded with her husband as well as a member of multiple local and national organizations that are dedicated to bettering the lives of others.


Mrs. DeVos is maybe best known for her work with the movement to provide choice in education for parents of children in the United States and serves as chairman of two organizations working to achieve this goal.


Mrs. DeVos took time out from her busy schedule recently to speak about her thoughts on reforming the American educational system.


What are your thoughts on the state of the school choice movement in America


I think it is an exciting time for the movement. There are 17 states that now have some form of a private choice program that is funded by the public. In all, there are 250,00 children being educated by schools in these programs. About 40,000 of these students entered these programs in just the last year which is indicative of the explosive growth that is taking place.


To be honest, much of the reason for the rapidly growing popularity of private choice education is the well-known failures of public schools in the country.


When did you first become interested in this movement


A few years back, when my Dick and I had school-aged children ourselves, we visited the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The school served many children of low-income families and I became greatly impressed with many of these families who were willing to do anything to provide a safe and secure learning environment for their children. This and many other incidents in my life has drawn me into this fight. We first began supporting individual students at the Potter’s House and this would eventually lead to a greater commitment being undertaken.


What do you feel has been your biggest success in the push for private school voucher programs


Definitely the developments in the state of Florida. The state has established a tax credit scholarship program that has led to Florida enjoying the longest period of wide access to programs that have provided educational choice. There are currently 50,000 students in the state of Florida that are currently being educated by schools that were chosen by their families.


There has also been great progress in the states of Indiana and Louisiana who have started programs that have the potential to make private choice programs a viable alternative for as many as a million children.


So how would you define success in this fight


Success will be realized when all parents, socioeconomic backgrounds notwithstanding, are given the right to have their children be educated at a school of their choice. Also, children from poor families must be afforded the same opportunities to fully develop their God-given abilities as everyone else.


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Alex Pall, Drew Taggart, and recreating EDM’s sound

Towards the end of the summer of 2016, the Chainsmokers, whom had already had a large amount of success in the previous year from songs such as “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Roses”, and “Selfie”; released their new song. This song: “Closer”, took some fans off guard as it featured something new and different, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart changed their style a bit, Taggard did vocals alongside featured artist, Halsey. This may have been the first song featuring this new style, but it can actually be reflective of the Chainsmokers’ idea from the beginning.

In an interview with Taggart, and Alex Pall, the duo discuss how since they met in New York several years ago; they have always wanted to do something different. The two were introduced back when they were finishing up the university, and Alex Pall describes their chemistry as perfect for making great music. The two began by DJing, with Taggart taking the main job, while Pall remained the key disc jockey. In EDM music, it is common for producers to get other artists to be featured as vocalists, the Chainsmokers did this, but were always involved in the writing of the lyrics. According to Pall, they wanted to make songs that involved what was going on in their life, and not just the person singing. From here, they began working on songs such as “Roses”; in which Taggart sang backup vocals, and helped write the song with ROZES.

This desire to make their voices heard, and not be hidden behind the instrumentals, is what Pall describes as their road to producing and making “Closer”. It was on this song that Taggart finally takes the front stage singing. As the Chainsmokers continue to make music, and sing and produce the songs, they could doctor a sound that is not only unique in the EDM industry, but it could also take them to places that many artists dream of.

The Best Options Are Through Enhanced Athlete

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Whitney Wolfe Launched the Bumble Bizz Feature for Professional Networking

     Whitney Wolfe has become a popular name in the dating business since the time she founded Bumble, a dating app that puts women first. Whitney Wolfe has been associated with the dating business for a long time and is also the co-founder of the world’s most downloaded dating app named Tinder. However, after an ugly spat with the other co-founders of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe decided to walk away from Tinder and find her independent career path. It is what resulted in the development of Bumble, which is now one of the closest competitors of Tinder and its popularity has been growing much faster than Tinder in recent times.

Recently, Whitney Wolfe also rolled out its new feature named Bumble Bizz that would help the members of Bumble to expand their professional network. It would help the members to connect with other members who are in the same line of work and find mentors as well. Many people have already started comparing Bumble Bizz with Linkedin, which is another successful professional networking site. Linkedin began its operation in the year 2003, and millions of people across the globe use it, and the place has matured to a great extent over the years. However, Bumble Bizz is the new entrant in the market of professional social marketing site. In Bumble Bizz, the same trend as the Bumble follows, and only the female members are allowed to contact male members first.

Even though the interface of Bumble Bizz inside the app remains same, there is a feature that allows the users to upload their resume and skills. It would help others who the members wish to connect to see the profile and the professional background. Whitney Wolfe, the co-owner of Bumble, says that Bumble Bizz is different from Linkedin because there is no air of formality with Bumble Bizz. The members can communicate with other members casually without that pressure of being formal. Whitney Wolfe says that it is a well-known fact that women have to face a lot more trouble in business and corporate world, and Bumble Bizz aims to do its part to ease their journey to success. The Bumble Bizz feature would be housed in the Bumble app and is free to use, and for people who want quick results with their social networking efforts, using Bumble Bizz is a good idea. It is free to use and has been providing its users with excellent results so far.


Frontera Fund and the DACA: Fighting for the DREAMers

The DACA is in peril after recent decisions handed down by the Trump administration. While this program has been instrumental in helping increase the quality of life for more than 800,000 individuals, it is possible that it may be at the end of its own life following an intuitive launched by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. In fact, Paxton demanded that the DACA program be rescinded by September or he would move forward with litigation towards the federal government against the policy. In September of 2017, the Trump administration obliged and rescinded the policy. This has created outrage in the DACA and DREAM community.

So, what exactly is DACA and who are DREAMers? DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and it is set to end in March of 2018. This policy provides immigrants who were brought here as children an administrative relief from deportation. They received a two year stay on any type of deportation activity and they are given a work permit. Before it was repealed, DACA was renewable and it gave migrants a chance to get ahead and support their families. They were even able to obtain driver’s licenses, pay taxes, and take advantage of in-state tuition for higher learning. This represented a new future for this group of people. DREAMers are the people that benefit from the DACA program. They are called dreamers because the DACA was a compromise created when the DREAM Act, the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, aimed at benefiting these same people was shot down repeatedly.

Groups like the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund are not ready to give up on DACA. They have pooled all their resources to fight for this worthy program and the migrant population. It can be said that the Larkin and Lacey Fund started out aimed at helping the migrant population, especially the one located in Arizona. Times New Phoenix founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin started the fund after receiving a large sum from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. Joe Arpaio, the former Sheriff, had the pair of journalists arrested after publishing something in their newspaper. Arpaio himself had a bad reputation for hassling the migrant population. Larkin and Lacey felt that it was only fair that all Arpaio’s victims share in the settlement and decided to funnel the money into the migrant community. They fight for programs like the DACA passionately, hoping to make a difference.

Gregory Aziz: King Of The Railcars

Gregory James Aziz popularly known by the name Greg Aziz is the chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the World’s preeminent railroad Freight car engineering and manufacturing companies which is located in Hamilton, Ontario.

James Aziz was born on 30th April,1949 London, Ontario and took his education from the Ridley College and then pursued his higher studies i.e. graduation in Economics from University of Western Ontario.

He initiated his career from his castle itself by joining the business of his family of food, which was known as Affiliated food in the year 1971.

The success of the business could be analyzed from the fact that it became the global importer of the fresh foods from various countries which included some major countries like south America, central America and Europe and exported its imported fresh food across some countries like Eastern Canada and the United States.

As it is said that successful people don’t pause at one shot, they like to amend themselves in every possible way they can.

Similar was the case of him, as he joined numerous investment banking option for some years from late 1980’s to early 1990’s to furnish his preeminence skills.


And finally he took the step which hailed him from base to the supreme and gave him the Cognizance as well as repute in the society.

He bought National Steel car from Dofasco which was located in canada with the ambition in his mind to mutate this company into North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer and this was the moment when the build in leadership quality of James Aziz emerged out in a full flow.


Knowing the capability of the engineers and the resources of the company he drowned himself to full fill his aim which resulted into the huge positive sign of the company. Company’s manufacturing capability which was 3.5k cars in the year 1994 became almost thrice with the manufacturing of 12k cars in the year 1999 and thus it also increased the employment over the same period.


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Major achievement of the company are:

  • It is the one and only North American railcar company which is certified to ISO 9001:2008
  • For a decade it has been Esteemed with annual TTX SECO, which is the supreme quality award since 1996.
  • It is the North America’s preeminence car manufacturing company of its type.


As it is rightly said that

“Eminence is the sum of our periodic struggle which we invest daily to achieve the excellence in our life”


And it was the continuous efforts of the Gregory James Aziz, right from his family business to the National Steel car which made him the Chairman and the Chief Executive officer(CEO) of National Steel Car Company.

End Citizens United Backs A Longshot In Texan Democrat Beto O’Rourke

     Despite only being established in 2015, End Citizen United has become one of the major players in U.S. politics with a positive message of bringing an end to the huge sums of money provided to politicians to aid their election campaigns. The 2010 Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited funding of election campaigns by Super PAC’s has become one of the most divisive in U.S. history and led directly to the establishment of End Citizens United with Tiffany Muller as President. In 2018, the Midterm elections are the perfect chance for End Citizens United to put into practice the winning formula which has helped Democrats win more than 30 seats from Republicans since the election of President Donald Trump in 2016.

Tiffany Muller had already made waves in Washington D.C. by announcing a list of the top targets for End Citizens United in the 2018 Midterms which included some big names on the Conservative side of the political spectrum. Despite many political experts believing Senator Ted Cruz had one of the safest seats in Washington, Muller made sure to include him on the list of those politicians who the PAC hoped to unseat in the coming elections.

The naming of Democrat, Beto O’Rourke as the Democratic opponent of Cruz may have been largely underwhelming as his personal politics were not well known in Texas but this has so far worked in his favor as the gap between the pair in polls has fallen to just eight points from 18 at the start of the campaign. Cruz has seen his disapproval rating rocket to 49 percent in recent months with an approval rating standing at just 38 percent among the constituents surveyed; in contrast, Democrat O’Rourke saw his poll figures stand at 61 percent having no opinion on O’Rourke and his political stance.

During the 2016 Presidential election campaign, End Citizens United discovered their campaigns focusing on the removal of big money from politics had a positive effect on campaigning in traditionally Republican areas instead of the usual Democrat message which scored lower in research. One of the main focal points of this campaign season for O’Rourke and End Citizens United has been the decision by the candidate not to accept funding from Super PAC’s which can be seen as heavily influencing the political future of a politician; End Citizens United relies solely on grassroots donations capped at $5,000 per member to achieve its aims, a choice Beto O’Rourke is also making to stick with grassroots funding. Ted Cruz followed a similar grassroots campaign in 2010 with Tea Party finding to secure his Senate seat but is now one of the largest recipients of funding from influential PAC’s and lobbyists in Washington.

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