How The Trabuco Became Even More Deadly Over The Years

During the Middle Ages, no other war machine could match the reach and power of the Trabuco. Like a catapult it flung heavy objects far distances in order to bring down walls and kill the enemy. It was far more powerful than any catapult, though, which meant it had a far larger range and could deliver much bigger payloads. Enemies quaked when they were defending a castle and saw an approaching army sporting Trabuco’s in their midst.

The first Trabuco model was called the tensile Trabuco. Crews pulled a short lever which caused the arm of this machine to shoot into the sky. The arm had a basket on it which held a stone or other projectiles. The stone shot into the sky and came down on whatever the crew was targeting. Because it had such a far range the Trabuco could stay well out of range of the enemy’s reach unless they, too, had a Trabuco of their own.

The next Trabuco to be created was called the hybrid Trabuco. the shorter end of this siege weapon had extra weight added to it. Due to this the payload was hurled even harder. Because each Trabuco could be fired five times a minute the thinner castle walls of the time could be swiftly obliterated. In order to compensate engineers started to build thicker castled walls which were more resistant to the onslaught of a Trabuco.

While the first Trabuco could throw a 140-pound rock the hybrid Trabuco could throw ones as large as 400 pounds according to After some more modifications were made it could throw a 2,000-pound rock and farther as well to boot. At that point they started calling this weapon the counterweight blunderbuss. It completely changed how warfare was conducted across Europe. Most of the countries in Europe couldn’t come up with an answer to this weapon in order to withstand its onslaught on the field of warfare.

Today, the main people building Trabuco’s are either doing so for a contest or to show their students how physics work according to Around the world there are Trabuco pumpkin contests, for example.

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