Ryan Seacrest Hasn’t Always Been Healthy

Ryan Seacrest is the poster boy and long-time host and co-host – he co-hosted the first season of American Idol: The Search for a Superstar in 2002, though has been the one and only host since then – of American Idol. Virtually nobody argues that Ryan is unattractive, sloppily-dressed, unflattering, or repulsive.

After all, he knows enough about fashion and personal care to have founded successful fashion and skincare product brands, Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Polished, be whole-hearted enough to create a nonprofit organization that gives away millions of dollars each year, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and is sufficiently heartthrob material to host a daytime TV show geared towards women, Live with Kelly and Ryan.

However, even though Mr. Seacrest is known as one of the most attractive men across show business and the world of entertainment, he spent his younger years as an overweight, not-so-savvy, totally-not-astute child, adolescent, and teenager.

The infamous picture

The young, childhood version of Ryan Seacrest – totally distinguishable from what the Hollywood superstar looks like today – wore large aviator glasses, parted his hair down the middle-right of his head, seemingly stuck his head out of his parents’ car window while driving to school, and sported a navy-and-white striped, unbuttoned, three-button collared polo.

His 1980s school portrait photographer offset the young, super-chunky, brace-faced boy on a light blue background, fading from pale blue to a darker-yet-still-baby-blue from bottom to top.

Ryan Seacrest was a heavyset child from Georgia, and by the looks of the aforementioned picture, his parents stuffed his stomach with the entire kitchen every night at dinner. According to Ryan himself, he supposedly snuck food from his home’s kitchen on a daily basis, never exercised, lacked confidence, and always covered his fat frame with a t-shirt when dipping in the pool.

Here’s how he changed

Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) became fit in his late teens through the tried-and-true weight loss method of exercising and eating right. Today, he splits his weekly average of five hours spent in the gym between weightlifting, running, biking, and yoga.

Seacrest’s Instagram photos and videos are here: https://www.instagram.com/ryanseacrest/?hl=en

Heather Russell Joins the Global Financial Gian Transunion

Early in this month, global financial giant, Transunion announced that Heather Russell was joining this firm as the Chief Legal Officer. He was also expected to take over as the company’s executive vice president. One of the primary reasons why Transunion had no second thoughts in hiring Heather Russell is because of the immense knowledge in legal affairs. Russell has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and few people can parallel his know-how in various spheres of legal and financial services. Some of the fields that she has worked for in the past include the following:

  • Consumer financial services
  • Merger and acquisitions. She has overseen many effective alliances form under her guidance
  • Data privacy
  • FinTech

Mrs. Heather is expected to be reporting to the company’s president and CEO, Mr. Jim Peck. Her role will be to handle all the company’s legal affairs relating to the government. She is also tasked with ensuring that the firm is compliant with all the legal regulations set by the government. Additionally, Heather Russell will oversee customer’s privacy operations services. The tasks allocated to her are expected to give her little to no hectic given the numerous experience that she has amassed while working in similar firms. Heather will also be a member of the company’s executive committee.

Jim Peck spoke excitedly about the appointment of Mrs. Russell. He said that the company is looking forward to benefiting from her expertise in handling legal affairs in the firm. He also praised her massive experience and noted that this was the primary reasons why the company settled on her after reviewing resumes of various experienced people.

Russell on her part was delighted to join this firm and praised their business model terming it as one of the best in the globe. She was happy to be part of the team of experienced experts and vowed to do her best to ensure that the company moves forward.

See Heather Russell’s career info, compensation and much more: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/19351665-heather-russell

All You Need To Know About Heal N Soothe Systemic Enzyme Formula

Everyday activity can be a tussle for individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Over the counter medications are mostly relied upon by them to relive the pain. However, the medicines are just used to mask the symptoms instead of addressing the original problem. Apart from that, traditional medicines are commonly known to have side effects that can make the pain worse and with many selections of painkillers on the shelves today, picking the right one can be very daunting.


Heal and Soothe

Health N Soothe is an oral supplement that has robust anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants to heal and soothe joint aches. This supplement is all natural and provides an alternative to the customary pain-relieving medications. Heal and soothe is tailored to be used as an everyday prescription to relieve the swelling that is related to joint pain.


Heal N Soothe is totally natural and made from Mother Nature’s extracts that are combined to fight pain and give a quick relief to joint pain. The oral supplement is the resilient and utmost power proteolytic enzymes invention that is currently available. It has no side effects like other over the counter medicines.


The purpose of Heal N Soothe


Health N Soothe is a product of Living well Nutraceuticals. It is developed to help people who are suffering from chronic joint pains to get quick relief.


Systemic Enzymes Therapy has been used in many countries around the world for the purpose of relieving back pain and arthritis. Apart from relieving pain, the enzyme also regulates the immune system. This is either by reducing the immunity of the body to prevent autoimmune harm to healthy tissues or by increasing the immunity to fight infections. Visit This Page for related information.




The main components of Heal N Soothe supplement are natural extracts. They include:


  • Vitamin-E with is a fat-soluble antioxidant. This vitamin is also known to control high blood pressure and retain healthily and stable cholesterol levels hence enhancing the human immune system.
  • This enzyme is extracted from pineapples. It contains various proteolytic enzymes that lessen edema of soft tissues which form underneath the skin in response to traumatic injury and treating inflammation. This enzyme is suitable for use in both chronic and acute inflammation.
  • This property is extracted from the dried roots of turmeric plant. The anti-oxidant property of this extract work to hunt for free radicals that cause pain and swelling in the body.
  • Other ingredients that makeup Heal N Soothe include:
  • Papain
  • Boswellia extract
  • Rutin
  • Ginger
  • Devil’s claw
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids


You can get the chance of trying out this product by getting a membership in the Heal N Soothe Monthly Smartshop Program which will entitle you to a 30-day free supply of 90 pills for a limited time.


Check them out on https://healnsoothe.com/



Learn more about The History of Supplements and the Rise of Heal-n-Soothe.

Betsy DeVos: Fighting for Her Students and Their Educational Futures

Looking at the new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, it is easy to fall into the trap of viewing her as the non-threatening and timid woman that she may come off as. The problem with assumptions is that they are often based on a faulty reality, where the individual believes something that they have grossly misunderstood. Betsy DeVos is anything but timid or pliable. There are many members of the public, and even her cabinet members, that believe she was elected to her position because she would be easier to control. The reason that Betsy DeVos was elected to this position was that she was a fighter, it was because she refuses to go with the grain of society. Sure, she did share a lot of political ideas with those who played a major part in her election, but she is never been afraid to voice an opinion that is different.


With transgender rights at the height of their discussion, Betsy DeVos has made her opinion known on the subject. When Pres. Donald Trump chose to evacuate and order that directly affected both students and staff members who consider themselves transgender she was on the front lines to fight it. While this order was over bathroom privileges based on gender identity, Betsy DeVos showed that she was willing to put herself out there for the people that relied on her to be there voice. You do not always need to win, to be a good advocate for a given group of people. She fought hard for them, and even though she lost she solidified herself as a major player in Washington.


While school choice has been a major issue on the docket for Betsy DeVos, she also cares about the students that go through her school systems. She wants to ensure were that the education process leaves them with skills that they can translate into a positive future. Unfortunately, she believes that the school system is subpar and that has drawn a lot of negative feedback from parents who do not understand the options that they have available to them in this arena.


Recently, Betsy DeVos began visiting charter schools in the hopes of offering her support to these alternative methods. Florida has begun a system that will be competitive with the public-school system in offering students alternative education. There is still an option to attend public schools there, but charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, and online schools are growing in popularity. With Betsy DeVos in office, there is no doubt that is this issue will remain at the forefront of most American’s minds. She has not given up on her cause for school choice, and now at the head of the Department of Education, she understands how dire the need is for more options. It is very possible that in the future parents will start looking towards more privatized options instead of solely relying on the school that is closest to where they live. DeVos hopes that this will be a catalyst for change with many institutions both private and public.


Follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Giving Hope to Infertility Individuals- Doctor Jim Toner

Every man and woman wish to hold their own babies in their hands, but some have missed the opportunity due to lack the ability to serve children was is mostly referred to as infertility. Medical experts explain infertility as the inability to conceive after a year or so of having unprotected sex. Men and women are both affected by infertility and according to study, women’s fertility declines as they get older, and most medical doctors and gynecologists treat women who are 35 years and above. Both men and women who cannot conceive should always consider making an appointment with an expert who is usually an endocrinologist. Finding an endocrinologist can an overwhelming but those in Atlanta they should not worry anymore.

Jim Toner is a fertility doctor based in Atlanta. Dr. Toner can as well be described as MD, Ph.D., who is also a board-certified reproductive specialist, infertility doctor and an endocrinologist. After his high school graduation, Toner knew what he wanted to be in life, he had a passion in medicine that is why he joined St Joseph’s College which is in Philadelphia and he earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Jim wanted to gain more knowledge and experience in the medical center and as if that was not enough, he moved on to join the University of Pennsylvania For a Medical Scientists Training Program, at the University he also graduated with an M.D as well as a Ph.D. degree in 1985. To be certified in the medical and scientist sector Dr. Jim Toner would go ahead to do his Residential Fellowship at Jones Institute.

Jim Toner is an expert in fertility and infertility issues. After his schooling, he began his career and he was serving at Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine based in Norfolk, where he gained skills as well as experience in his field. Later Jim would move to Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine in 2000 during summer. While working at Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, Jim Toner did not act as an endocrinologist, but he also held a leadership position in the medical center. Mr. Jim was the Director of both the Third Party Reproductive Program of the Institute as well as the Fellowship Program. Dr. Jim Toner leadership skills were carried on when he joined Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, and he continued holding the position of the Director of the Third Party Reproductive Program.

Dr. Jim has not achieved by treating infertile individuals, but he has also been able to write 20 chapters, 100 abstracts, as well 80 chapters. Over the years Toner has gained a vast experience and he is well known for his services in the valuation of ovarian reserve as well as its effect on fertility. Dr. Jim is dedicated to assisting individuals who have had multiple miscarriages as well as infertility problems. During his free time, he spends time with his family.

What Jim Toner Does Differently in Real Estate

When Jim Toner decided to start working in the real estate industry, he knew he had a lot of work to do. He also knew there were things he could do that were different from everything everyone did before him in the real estate industry. He made sure he could show people what they could get from the opportunities they had, and it became one of the biggest parts of his career. As long as people see the positive impacts he has on their real estate, they get more from the experiences. He always makes a point of treating his clients like they’re important. He knows they’re the most important part of the business because without them he wouldn’t be able to have a business. In fact, he’d struggle with real estate like so many other people have.

Even though times consistently change in the real estate market, one thing that stays the same is the need for a professional who helps with different real estate options. Jim Toner provides that to the industry. He knows just what people need and focuses on the right way to give them what they’re hoping for. As long as he continues showing people the positive parts of real estate, he stands to give everyone a chance at a better future. It’s his job to make real estate easier and he gives back to people whether they’re buying real estate or selling real estate.

Not every real estate agent gives the kind of service Jim Toner offers. In fact, many don’t care about their clients the way he does. He wants all his clients to understand they can have a better experience when they choose to use him. He also wants them to realize they’re getting a great service that’s better than most. When Jim Toner works with clients, he tries to get a good idea of what the clients like and how they plan to sell or buy the property. He spends time getting to know them, so he can make the experience better for all of them.

As a businessman, it’s all part of providing excellent customer service to his clients. Jim Toner continues providing customers everything they need so they don’t need to worry about what they’re doing. He also wants people to see the real estate industry isn’t all bad. In an interview, he mentioned that he works to eliminate any stigmas of the industry, so he has a chance to show people the right way to do business. He wants them to realize they have more chances at success than others had in the past. It’s his job to walk people through the real estate processes so he does what he can to make that easier for everyone. Get a copy of Jim Toner’s book thru Amazon today!

Get The Latest Business Advice From Oxford Club

It is very important to be informed by an updated banking institution on matters that relate to market trends, the latest investment strategies, and success principles. Your partner in this area is Oxford Club. Basically, the club consists of a network of successful investors and creative entrepreneurs all over the globe. The organization is giving its customers recommendations on real estate, metals, bonds, equities, and funds.

Any person can enjoy a rich life that’s beyond their money which is enhanced by creation and sustenance of wealth that will outlast them. This has been the mission and aim of this club. Under the leadership and direction of Julia Guth who is the Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Club, the management team is made up of qualified professionals in conducting research, sales, and customer services and well-talented strategists who are experts in various assets matters.

From the establishment of the company in 1989 as a Passport Club and later Oxford Club in 1991, the club has not failed even at once to provide choicest advice and recommendations to their customers. The organization presents three main membership levels namely Premier which is renewed per annum and is for those who have subscribed to any of the club’s publications, then Director’s Circle which gives its members access to all 3 newsletters, it’s for established members who are fully committed and the 3rd one is Chairman’s Circe Membership which is the most prestigious for they can access some features and all publications on the organization’s website.

The underlying drive of Oxford Club has been to provide investment recommendations which have very high success avenue and very minimal risks this has helped its members to key-in to the strategies and have avoided risks. The newsletters and over 12 different trading services cater for every investor despite their level of growth. The club has not run short of educational resources like videos, conferences and even courses in its educational website called Investment U.

As a member of Oxford Club, you enjoy some benefits like, having a 24/7 access to the most current recommendations, principles and strategies, easier access to financial advisors, their monthly newsletters, clubhouse, global posts and access to club gatherings which are held globally. This enhances networking. For additional details, follow them on Twitter.com.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Makeup Brand Brings Beauty To London Pop-Up Shop

Doe Deere is taking enjoyment in watching her makeup brand delight fans in the U.K. Lime Crime is now debuting at London’s FeelUnique pop-up shop and bringing wild, colorful palettes to new customers.


According to an item in the U.K.’s Stylist, the launch recently delivered everything makeup-obsessed women and men dream of. Lime Crime is all about contemporary cosmetics that break all the rules and offer fantasy, glamour, sexiness and vibrant makeup with incredible pigment.


This is not traditional makeup that typically features beige compacts, peaches and pinks and stuff everyone has seen before. Lime Crime is exciting, and their color spectrum goes beyond anything the big-time competitors put out.


Doe Deere established her makeup brand in 2008, bringing an alternative makeup concept to the vanity table. She wanted makeup that was unique, empowering, bright, bold and unapologetic.


Lime Crime was built on e-commerce and has become one of the few brands that are successful at selling cosmetics online and representing their image and mission in a new way.


FeelUnique is thrilled to be collaborating with the Los Angeles company and introducing the unicorn-fantasy cosmetics to its consumer base across the pond.


To start, FeelUnique and Lime Crime’s pop-up shop in London is debuting the vegan and cruelty-free brand’s famous Venus Palette eyeshadows, Velvetines lipsticks, Unicorn Hair and Lime Crime makeup brushes and a lot more.


The products are very popular in the United States and sell out quickly, earning a cult status title. For example, the Venus Palette is a gorgeous kit that women cannot get enough of. The generously-sized eyeshadows are comprised of grunge shades that are stunning on every eye color. The kit contains a compact mirror inside and a lovely image of the iconic Botticelli “The Birth of Venus” painting.


When it comes to lipsticks that are longlasting, sexy and exotic, Lime Crime has you covered in their Velvetines line. These awesome liquid matte lippies won’t rub off or disappear until you remove them. There are 36 luscious shades to choose from, and application is simple.


The experts recommend that you apply lip balm 15 minutes prior to using their product. Then, pat off the excess oils with a tissue. Apply the Velvetines lipstick directly to your lips, and use a lip brush to refine the edges. Remove the lipstick at the end of the day with a waterproof makeup remover or an oil.


For those British lovelies seeking some fun with their mane, Lime Crime has recently introduced their popular Unicorn Hair tints. These gentle, safe, semi-permanent dyes come in fun shades like Neon Peach, Bubblegum Rose, Chocolate Cherry and Caramel.


The tints work best with pre-bleached platinum to pale blonde tresses.


Lime Crime makeup and hair are for today’s modern woman or man who like defining their unique sense of beauty and power. The brand is huge on social media, and Doe Deere enjoys engaging with her global fan base. Learn  more: https://www.pinterest.com/doedeere/


To learn more, visit Lime Crime here.

Scott Rocklage- Getting Cure for the World Stubborn Illnesses

The Expansion Therapeutics is busy raising a series of finances to cater for its purpose in getting the right formula for fighting the genetic disorders. Included in this portfolio is the type 1 myotonic dystrophy disorder. The type 1 Myotonic dystrophy is the adult leading cause of the muscular dystrophy with the company adding a tune of 55.3 million dollars to its portfolio for the primary purpose of fighting the disease. The symptoms of the disease usually present themselves once the RNA reaches a high level of toxins.


Novartis Venture Fund, Sanofi Ventures, 5 AM Ventures and Kleiner Perkins are companies that took part in the financing of the project. RA Capital Management and Alexandria Venture Investments were also part of this undertaking.


RNA is body molecules easily transferred from your DNA and then converted into proteins. When some of the body RNA production reaches a high level of toxic, they cause the DM1 condition. This makes the heart, muscles, hormonal system, gastrointestinal system, respiratory system and the central nervous system become defective and fail. The disease may affect the entire families with the symptoms growing worse with the following generation, and currently, the medical community has a shortage of DM1 effective treatment.


Expansion Therapeutics is one company with core job of creating medications that help confront the illnesses caused by RNA and currently, it’s concerned with expansion repeat disorder of the disease. Expansion repeat disorder is hereditary illnesses which don’t respond to the current medical interventions, and it also gets defective genes causing repeats of your DNA tiny portions that accumulate reaching toxic levels. Expansion RNA gets targeted medications that depend entirely on science with the ability to offer treatment to any RNA-triggered illness. The partnership of Kleiner Perkins, 5 AM Ventures, and other companies gives the needed resources to get medication and treat various diseases with no cure.


Scott Rocklage attended University of California in Berkeley where he graduated with Chemistry, and he is the 5 AM Venture managing partner. At Massachusetts institutes of technology, he received his Chemistry Ph.D., and in 2003 he joined the 5 AM Venture. He has 30 years experience in healthcare management and has submitted numerous clinical trials and boasts of 30 U.S patents with at least 100 publications which are peer-reviewed.


Visit http://5amventures.com/team/scott-m-rocklage-phd/ to learn more.