Betsy DeVos: Fighting for Her Students and Their Educational Futures

Looking at the new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, it is easy to fall into the trap of viewing her as the non-threatening and timid woman that she may come off as. The problem with assumptions is that they are often based on a faulty reality, where the individual believes something that they have grossly misunderstood. Betsy DeVos is anything but timid or pliable. There are many members of the public, and even her cabinet members, that believe she was elected to her position because she would be easier to control. The reason that Betsy DeVos was elected to this position was that she was a fighter, it was because she refuses to go with the grain of society. Sure, she did share a lot of political ideas with those who played a major part in her election, but she is never been afraid to voice an opinion that is different.


With transgender rights at the height of their discussion, Betsy DeVos has made her opinion known on the subject. When Pres. Donald Trump chose to evacuate and order that directly affected both students and staff members who consider themselves transgender she was on the front lines to fight it. While this order was over bathroom privileges based on gender identity, Betsy DeVos showed that she was willing to put herself out there for the people that relied on her to be there voice. You do not always need to win, to be a good advocate for a given group of people. She fought hard for them, and even though she lost she solidified herself as a major player in Washington.


While school choice has been a major issue on the docket for Betsy DeVos, she also cares about the students that go through her school systems. She wants to ensure were that the education process leaves them with skills that they can translate into a positive future. Unfortunately, she believes that the school system is subpar and that has drawn a lot of negative feedback from parents who do not understand the options that they have available to them in this arena.


Recently, Betsy DeVos began visiting charter schools in the hopes of offering her support to these alternative methods. Florida has begun a system that will be competitive with the public-school system in offering students alternative education. There is still an option to attend public schools there, but charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, and online schools are growing in popularity. With Betsy DeVos in office, there is no doubt that is this issue will remain at the forefront of most American’s minds. She has not given up on her cause for school choice, and now at the head of the Department of Education, she understands how dire the need is for more options. It is very possible that in the future parents will start looking towards more privatized options instead of solely relying on the school that is closest to where they live. DeVos hopes that this will be a catalyst for change with many institutions both private and public.


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