The Extensive expertise of Barbara Stokes in Disaster Management

It has been evident that the United State Federal Government has learned several important lessons from the previous Katrina disaster that left a lot of people homeless. A lot of property was lost during the dreaded event, which necessitated both the government and private disaster management agencies to brainstorm with a common objective of identifying the cause of the extensive destruction and also come up with preventive measures to mitigate the effects of such future occurrences. The issue was also deliberated by the US Congress with the same intentions. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

At first, the problem was found that the extreme effects of Katrina were as a result of Government unpreparedness that resulted in panics by the bodies and agencies responsible for the rescue process. It was also noted that the response time to the disaster calls was also long and this led to the escalated damages of the event. Also, during Katrina, the private volunteers that had tried accessing the affected regions using their boats with the aim of aiding in the rescue of the affected families were barred by the government officials from accessing the areas that were hit by the disaster. The federal government perceived their access as an additional liability which it didn’t intend to incur. Follow Barbara Stokes on

However, during the previous disaster of Hurricane Harvey, the response was quite different and improved in a lot of ways. First, the response time was very short, which helped in the quick rescue of the affected families. The private volunteers were also allowed to aid in the evacuation of the affected families, which increased the efficiency of the operation. One of the main small business volunteers was Barbara Stokes with the construction organization that she leads, Green Structured Homes. The GHS, under the guidance of Barbara Stokes, was so instrumental in the process of evacuating and restoring the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Barbara, being a graduate of Physics and Biomedical Engineering at the Mercer University, possesses extensive experience in the field of disaster relief and management. Her experience is also supplemented by the knowledge and skills that she acquired in the same institution where she pursued supplementary courses in Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, Properties and structures of materials, and manufacturing management.


James Dondero Does More For Dallas

James Dondero is a titan of industry in the field of finance, and an enthusiastic philanthropist who actively searches for ways to give back to his home city of Dallas, Texas. It all began when James began his journey in the financial industry by attending the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce where he would earn his Bachelor of Science degrees in accounting and finances. Read this article at It didn’t take long for James to find his place in the business world after he graduated and soon went on to build a financial training program for JP Morgan Chase & Company. His time with JP Morgan Chase & Company was so successful that James soon found himself accepting his dream job with American Express. Here is where he would put his investment skills to the test and manage one billion dollars worth of fixed income funds for clients of American Express, James Dondero did this from 1985 to 1989. It was 1989 when Protective Life asked Mr. Dondero to be the Chief Investment Officer for their GIC Subsidiary, to which James gladly accepted. What was once an idea, soon became a thriving two billion dollar success story with the help of James Dondero and his experience managing various accounts. Read more about James at Crunchbase. After years of maintained success in the financial industry, James felt it was time to establish an investment firm of his own, and so Highland Capital Management was headquartered in Dallas, Texas, in 1993. It wasn’t enough for James that he had made his million’s and earned himself a seat at the top of the tier of alternative credit managers throughout the world; James wanted to give back to his community as well. One of the examples of the way James Dondero gives back to the city of Dallas, Texas, is his recent one million dollar donation to the Dallas Zoo so that they could rebuild their long-lost hippo habitat. The zoo lost their eldest hippo, Papa, in 2001, and the management team had to make the difficult decision to shut down the habitat. Now, nearly two decades later, guests to the zoo can enjoy visiting Adhama, and Boipelo, the two young additions to the zoo in the brand new Hippo Outpost.