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Heather Parry has a resume that would turn most people’s heads. She spent a dozen years working at MTV, and then a decade at Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison. With experience like that, it was natural for her to run Live Nation Productions, where she could combine her hard-won experience with film and music.

Heather Parry

She began running the company on December 1, 2015. Since that time, she has brought to life films like Gaga: Five Foot Two; Believer; Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story; and Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis.

Believer, a film following Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds, is one of Parry’s famed projects. Anyone could have recorded a concert for the band, but Live Nation Productions chose to go deeper, using the film as a chance to tell the story of Reynolds’ struggles with his faith as a Mormon since the church amplified its position against homosexual activity.

Believer stood out at the Sundance Film Festival where it was a runner-up for the festival favorite.

Prior to producing Believer, Parry had worked on Gaga: Five Foot Two. The beloved Netflix film won NME’s Best Music Film award.

These successes took Heather Parry on a natural route toward one of Live Nation Productions biggest releases, the Bradley Cooper directed A Star Is Born. The film stars Cooper and Lady Gaga. Since its USA release on October 5th, 2018, the movie has topped 100 million in earnings, and garnered an impressive eight Oscar nominations.

The movies Heather Parry has been working on with Live Nation Productions are a far cry from the standard concert film, and music fans couldn’t be happier about that.

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Ryan Seacrest Returns To His Roots The American Idol Start

Ryan Seacrest is a household name in Hollywood, and his success continues to grow. His rise in the entertainment industry started with American Idol. The popular musical talent contest received views from millions of Americans, and the success of this brand made Seacrest a household name.

His later ventures would send him in a different direction. Musical contests appeal to millions of people, but they don’t have the same effect as an ongoing series. This success is why Ryan Seacrest would redirect his efforts towards reality television.

Reality Television

Reality TV was the bread and butter of 2000s entertainment. Ryan Seacrest was a pivotal figure in the rise of television shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The TV show is still a popular addition to reality television, and he continues to add innovations to the shows he produces.

The transition from host to producer gave Seacrest a chance to expand beyond his original skill set, but he would eventually return to the show that gave him his name. His work as a host seems to provide more entertainment for his audiences, and he enjoys success now because his career is in a new direction. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Ryan Seacrest As A Host

His current work as a host proves he understands how to appeal to the crowd on camera. This new direction is giving a chance to produce and host. His recent projects involve hosting morning shows, but Seacrest wants to return to his American Idol roots. The show is going to make a comeback with a new presentation.

The world wants to see the work Ryan Seacrest can produce and host. This opportunity is his chance to show everyone he can change the way we think about television again. His project seems to be doing just fine.


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Kisling, Nestico & Redick: Setting The Standard For Injury Law in Ohio


Kisling, Nestico & Redick is one of Ohio’s largest and fastest growing law firms. Specializing in injury law, the firm is dedicated to helping injured people. This dedication comes from personal experience.

Founded in 2005 with three lawyers – Gary Kisling, Rob Nestico, and Robert Redick – the firm has grown exponentially. Kisling, Nestico & Redick now operates eleven offices throughout the state of Ohio. There are offices in or around all major cities, and they have clientele from all parts of the state. Over the years, they have worked with over ten thousand clients. The firm now employees more than 30 lawyers and nearly 100 staff members. Their attorneys have over 400 years of combined legal experience.

This much lauded law firm, has many associations with prestigious organizations such as the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Super Lawyers. KNR have also the been cited as the Top 100 Lawyers in Ohio.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick specializes in personal injury law. This includes several practice areas such as vehicle accidents (including accidents involving pedestrians), dog bite incidents, nursing home abuse cases, worker injuries, premises liabilities, defective products, and class action lawsuits. They also take on medical malpractice and wrongful death cases. No matter what the cause or circumstances, Kisling, Nestico & Redick is dedicated to helping injured people.

In the case of one lawyer, this dedication comes from personal experience. One of the founding partners, Rob Nestico, was severely injured in a car accident when he was 15 years old. He suffered injuries to his head and all four limbs and spent three months recovering in a hospital. Rob felt the insurance company rushed a settlement that took advantage of his family. He has devoted his career to helping families fight back against insurance companies. Read This Article to learn more.

The firm has positioned itself to be able to deal with tactics of the insurance companies. More than half the attorneys on the team have previous experience working for insurance companies. Kisling, Nestico & Redick can bring this insider knowledge to the table. By understanding the tactics of the insurance agencies, they can put together a case to counter many of the arguments the insurance companies’ lawyer will bring.

Beyond helping clients in injury cases, Kisling, Nestico & Redick helps Ohioans in other ways. The firm participates in numerous charitable activities and causes to help the community.


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Customer Service Experience Made Better For Companies By NICE Global’s COO, Paul Herdsman


When you’re passionate about something, you’re likely to give it your very best. Paul Herdsman is one of those people who have managed to grow as entrepreneurs for basically investing in their fields of passion. And being a Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global, Paul has been doing what he does best for the company since its inception in2014.

Paul Herdsman studied at Florida Atlantic University and afterwards engaged in pertinent employment that molded him to be the person he is today in terms of business. He created a customer service company in Jamaica, following his interest in customer service. Paul had acquired a lot of knowledge and experience in his previous employments that it was easy for him to run his own business with a lot of expertise.

Among the services that NICE global offers its clients are; human resources, inbound sales, customer service, data entry, technical support services and live chat services. Most companies nowadays prefer outsourcing se of these processes and that is where Paul’s company comes in. They have all the teams needed to successfully drive a company that outsourced their services to growth and success. See Related Link for additional information.

Paul Herdsman invests so much resources into his employees. His reason for doing so is to be able to create a workforce that gives its best and has an opportunity to grow within the company. As a person, he believes his success comes from taking up tasks that he enjoys and is good at. He also likes learning along the way and that inquisitive nature has made him prosper over the years.

When he is not running activities at NICE global, Paul Herdsman is spending time with his family, fishing or playing golf. For fishing, he says he got interested in it at an early age of 6 years and up to now it still fascinates him. Paul Herdsman maintains a healthy balance between his work and play. At NICE global, they instil confidence in their clients by being completely transparent about their previous works and records.


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Everything You Need To Know About Daniel Bethelmy-Rada


Daniel Bethelmy-Rada is one of the most famous individuals in the entire world. Currently, he works as a president for the famous Matrix & Biolage L’Oreal Professional Products Division. He has also worked for many other companies before getting here. One of the things that make this gentleman unique is that he is actually the youngest person to occupy the position of DMI General Manager for this particular company.

Dab Bethelmy-Rada Loreal  was appointed to the position in the first month of the year 2015. During the few months he has been here, he has worked extremely hard for the betterment of the company. The good thing is that his efforts bore fruits. He has not only been able to transform it but he has also been able to steer the great company in the right direction.

Educational background of Daniel Bethelmy-Rada

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada’s education background proves that he was an academic genius. He was an excellent performer from the time he entered school to the time he completed. Dan Bethelmy-Rada Loreal  acquired his undergraduate degree from a well-known institution, Sorbonne. Also, he received his MBA from the famous ESSEC Business School in the year 2002. He began his career as the product manager in the year 2003 in Paris, France. Since then, he has been able to occupy many other positions. Refer to This Article for related information.

Bethelmy-Rada is one of the top leaders at R.A.W, and he has worked around the clock to ensure that the company gets into its dreams. R.A.W was formed on the realization that many people prefer natural and pure products to those made in industries and with many chemicals. According to Daniel, consumers are actually interested in products that are sustainable, natural, and have a minimal negative impact on the environment. The company intends to make products with excellent environmental credentials when it comes to the formulation, manufacturing methods as well as packaging.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says that the manufacturing formulas used by the company purely rely on a number of effective, natural as well as highly biodegradable ingredients. They ensure that most of their products come from sustainable as well as traceable sources. They are always careful when it comes to production processes. They work hard to minimize and reduce the resources used in the course of the production process.3


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Jingdong Memberships For More Rewards And Points

The Difference JD Plus Makes for it Members proves that it has more to offer than one-billion listed products. JD makes the most of its market share with rewards for loyal customers. Its Premium option divvies out points as members collect credits with every buy. Points convert to real money, and 70 percent of all members will renew their accounts.

It’s the ongoing success; consistent feedback has led to expand on the “JD-Premium” program. What’s unfolding now builds off a simple strategy to partner with brands from around the world. Members get special perks on different sites if holding Premium. Cross promoting is doing wonders for Jingdong. Go To This Page for additional information.

Users want a view of a larger world, brands that are easy to access and recognition for their loyalty. Zhihu is an option for members now.

Having accounts at both and Zhihu holds a few benefits.

What is Zhihu, and How is it Used?

 “Zhihu” is a Chinese variation to what Reddit is to the United States. These platforms, with a Q&A structure, resemble sites like Thriving communities are found on each site. The interaction, the lax feel and the shared voices are infectious.

Zhihu stores books and live media covering topics of all kinds. Every month, the platform hosts over 250-million page views. Users upload questions, input answers and edit the content as they need to. Working with gives these surfers more reasons to use Zhihu and vice versa.

A Look at the New Rewards and Benefits to Unfold

Consider these perks for registered accounts with Jingdong or Zhihu:

E-books on Demand

E-books on Demand: Roughly 10,000 books store on Zhihu’s platform, and these aren’t available to the public.

All in Realtime

All in Realtime: Zhihu’s popularity makes some of its streaming private, so imagine sitting in on premiere Q&A sessions done live.


Audiobooks: Listed is a batch of 600 audiobooks that you get premium access to.


Access: The use of these perks are free for members who hold accounts with and Zhihu.


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The Journey Attribute Of From Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu is a successful businessman as well as a renowned entrepreneur in China. He is the founder and CEO of one of the largest retail e-commerce company in China, The company is also the leading online business by revenue. offers a variety of products ranging from electronics to fresh human foods and offers same or next day delivery to it’s over a hundred million active customers. The firm also continuously utilize cutting edge technology to innovate new solutions for the global economic environment.

Richard Liu was born in China, in Suqian town and his early life was common as of other many families in the region. His parent were coal transporters and instilled essential values of hard work, proper education and encouraged their son to succeed in his all endeavors. After completing secondary level education, Richard Liu enrolled at The People`s University of China where he studied and graduated with a Bachelor`s degree in Sociology. Though Richard Liu focused on his chosen call, he felt the need to expanding his skill to fit for future competitive employment opportunities. Thus, he taught himself computer coding as well as other computer science studies.

Upon graduation, Richard Liu first experience in business happened in Japan Life, a national provider of natural supplements. Here he utilized his previously learned computer skills leading to growth opportunities and eventually gained promotion to head computer department in the company. In 1998, he left his previous employment to undertake entrepreneurial calling fully. He started by setting up a small store in Beijing town selling magneto-optical appliances, a business which grew and transformed to become the online world empire which is valued to worth billions of US dollars. Go Here for additional information.

Within the first five years, Richard Liu had managed to turn his initial investment into a twelve brick-and-mortar store which he named Jingdong. His main ingredient to this rapid growth was his association to customers and exemplary services he offered. In 2003, it was an unlucky year for Richard Liu and the entire business persons in China due to the outbreak of SARS. Although many businesses were paralyzed, the condition gave Liu another shift in marketing strategy, and he established an online retail shop.

Today, stands at about $60 billion whereas his personal net worth is about 12.7 billion. And in 2017, Richard Liu became a “Variety500 Honoree” as a result of his persistence, innovation, and hard work. During his free time, the billionaire loves to either spend time with his family or volunteering at Red Cross.


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Louis Chenevert renowned Entrepreneur Shares His Insightful Business Ideas

Louis Chenevert Professional Background

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian citizen and business icon. He had essential leadership skills and blessed with the ability to acquire more wealth for himself. Loius graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in commerce. He is alumni of Universite de Montreal. Currently, he serves as the chairman and founding director of the board at the university.

Louis Chenevert is a lucky man; he has a super-achieving personality. He has spearheaded the success of various companies in his entire life. Louis was hired at St. Theresa as general production manager. One success leads to another, in 1993, he joined Pratt and Whitney. He also served as the president of the company before moving to explore more opportunity.

The former CEO and the chairman of United Technologies Corporation have built a reputation for himself. He relates with other in a friendly manner. His communication skills are remarkable. He is a resourceful and reliable person. For these reasons, Goldman Sachs hired him as a senior industry advisor.

Louis Chenevert Gives Insightful Tips to Businessmen

Louis Chenevert noted that investing in your employees is a fundamental factor that triggers the success of the business. Along with investing in modern technology or seeking assistance from the other companies the success of the company is positively related with conducive working environment. Always ensure the employees enjoy working for you he affirmed. Office politics are threats to the success of the companies. Promoting the spirit of teamwork among the co-workers through team building exercises and creating a room for having fun during tea and lunch break is essential.

Employees feel a sense of pride when they are appreciated for their excellent work. They work extra harder to be nominated for more awards. The manager can issue gifts, money or an afternoon off to the performing employees. Companies with programs that support employees to advance their level of education by chipping in and partial pay their school fees are likely to experience positive growth.

Continuous training programs within the companies help to improve the skills of the employees; the training can prepare the employees to handle more delicate duties instead of hiring new ones. New employees go through an orientation process if the existing employees are promoted it helps to save time and resource used when recruiting new ones. Promotion based on performance merits motivates other.

Liu Qiangdong Profile


Liu Qiangdong is the founder and the CEO of, a Chinas ecommerce company. He is termed as entrepreneurial genius because of his self-made story of success. His business savvy actively serves more than 100 million shoppers and employs the cutting edge technology to invent new technologies for its worldwide economic environment.

Liu Qiangdong was born in china. His parents did coal shipping and worked tirelessly to make sure that their son gets the right quality of education. Through their parents’ character of hardworking, he worked harder in school and excelled on endeavors. The joined the Peoples University in china to study sociology program attaining his first bachelor degree. He saw the benefit of expanding his horizons for the purpose of competitive employment opportunities in future. He managed to study some of computer coding basics by himself.

Liu was employed by Japanese company, a natural supplement provider after finishing school. He too rented a small retail shop in Beijing china. He sold some basic products and also did exemplary service for the customers, managed ease of transaction and also used technology to stream business ventures. View Additional Info Here.

Due to competition within the business, he decided to set himself from the other competitive vendor through selling of only products which are authorized. Some of the products sold by his competitive vendors were faux and of poor quality. He did this only to gain trust and loyalty of his customers who recommended his products as high quality and authenticated.

Within a short period of time in business, Liu Qiangdong changed his original investment into a more profiting chain of his magneto-optical retail shop. As many of the business tirelessly struggled to gain profitable outputs mostly in their original years, his business acquired success growth and also expansion. His traditional business was mostly profiting with twelve retail stations.

China’s SARS outbreak gave instant changes in mostly of retail environment, this affected the whole country of china and was termed as devastating to many small businesses. Liu Qiangdong capability to adapt to changing environment in market places, his business experienced a success strategy and consequently changed into an industry.


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Steve Ritchie Spearheads Papa John’s “Diversity Training”


As the CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is very determined to change the course of the Pizza chain, which has been on the decline since early last year. One of Ritchie’s effort to redeem the image of the company from the slump is by doing a diversity training on its employees. Ritchie announced that the reason for this training is due to bad diversity practices which are uncovered during his investigation in all of its branches in the United States.

Daniela Galarza from compared the Diversity Practices to what Starbucks did a couple of years ago to alleviate the backlash because of a commotion that happened to one of its Philadelphia branches. Steve Ritchie also made it clear that he has three priorities while he’s leading Papa John’s International, and those three are diversity, equity, and inclusion.

According to Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s, the training that will be made is an “unconscious bias training” and everyone the company, including the executive employees, are going to participate. The training will also serve as a way to make the employees of Papa John’s have a better working relationship with each other. Ritchie also announced his plans to make the leadership team more diverse. Visit This Page for more information about Steve Ritchie.

Under Steve Ritchie’s leadership, the decline that happened from the first to third quarter of 2018 was alleviated in each quarter. According to QSR Magazine, the pizza chain started to recover in the last quarter last year due to the new marketing efforts released. Q1 get a -5.3 decline, Q2 got a -6.1 decline, the third quarter is the worst with -9.8 declines. During the last quarter of 2018, its sales started to bounce back, with a recorded decline of -7.3.

In addition to this, Papa John’s managed to secure funding worth $200 million with the help of Starboard Value LP. Half of this funding is planned to be used to finance its five strategic priorities: people, brand, value, technology, and unit economics. The other half of the funding will be used for financing the debt of the company. Because of this funding, Starboard’s CEO Jeffrey Smith has been added as the chairman of Papa John’s.


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