Jingdong Memberships For More Rewards And Points

The Difference JD Plus Makes for it Members

JD.com proves that it has more to offer than one-billion listed products. JD makes the most of its market share with rewards for loyal customers. Its Premium option divvies out points as members collect credits with every buy. Points convert to real money, and 70 percent of all members will renew their accounts.

It’s the ongoing success; consistent feedback has led JD.com to expand on the “JD-Premium” program. What’s unfolding now builds off a simple strategy to partner with brands from around the world. Members get special perks on different sites if holding Premium. Cross promoting is doing wonders for Jingdong. Go To This Page for additional information.

Users want a view of a larger world, brands that are easy to access and recognition for their loyalty. Zhihu is an option for JD.com members now.

Having accounts at both JD.com and Zhihu holds a few benefits.

What is Zhihu, and How is it Used?

 “Zhihu” is a Chinese variation to what Reddit is to the United States. These platforms, with a Q&A structure, resemble sites like Quora.com. Thriving communities are found on each site. The interaction, the lax feel and the shared voices are infectious.

Zhihu stores books and live media covering topics of all kinds. Every month, the platform hosts over 250-million page views. Users upload questions, input answers and edit the content as they need to. Working with JD.com gives these surfers more reasons to use Zhihu and vice versa.

A Look at the New Rewards and Benefits to Unfold

Consider these perks for registered accounts with Jingdong or Zhihu:

E-books on Demand

E-books on Demand: Roughly 10,000 books store on Zhihu’s platform, and these aren’t available to the public.

All in Realtime

All in Realtime: Zhihu’s popularity makes some of its streaming private, so imagine sitting in on premiere Q&A sessions done live.


Audiobooks: Listed is a batch of 600 audiobooks that you get premium access to.


Access: The use of these perks are free for members who hold accounts with JD.com and Zhihu.


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