Customer Service Experience Made Better For Companies By NICE Global’s COO, Paul Herdsman


When you’re passionate about something, you’re likely to give it your very best. Paul Herdsman is one of those people who have managed to grow as entrepreneurs for basically investing in their fields of passion. And being a Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global, Paul has been doing what he does best for the company since its inception in2014.

Paul Herdsman studied at Florida Atlantic University and afterwards engaged in pertinent employment that molded him to be the person he is today in terms of business. He created a customer service company in Jamaica, following his interest in customer service. Paul had acquired a lot of knowledge and experience in his previous employments that it was easy for him to run his own business with a lot of expertise.

Among the services that NICE global offers its clients are; human resources, inbound sales, customer service, data entry, technical support services and live chat services. Most companies nowadays prefer outsourcing se of these processes and that is where Paul’s company comes in. They have all the teams needed to successfully drive a company that outsourced their services to growth and success. See Related Link for additional information.

Paul Herdsman invests so much resources into his employees. His reason for doing so is to be able to create a workforce that gives its best and has an opportunity to grow within the company. As a person, he believes his success comes from taking up tasks that he enjoys and is good at. He also likes learning along the way and that inquisitive nature has made him prosper over the years.

When he is not running activities at NICE global, Paul Herdsman is spending time with his family, fishing or playing golf. For fishing, he says he got interested in it at an early age of 6 years and up to now it still fascinates him. Paul Herdsman maintains a healthy balance between his work and play. At NICE global, they instil confidence in their clients by being completely transparent about their previous works and records.


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