Richard Liu Qiangdong Proves That Temporary Failure Is Just Fine


Future entrepreneurs have to know that the road ahead will not be one that is paved with gold, silver, and fast cash. The truth of the matter is that entrepreneurship can be a hazy picture and it can take a lot out of you. The entrepreneur has to learn to adjust from one environment to the other one and they have to learn the fundamentals of the new environment.


The Transition From Corporate Life to Startup Life

Entrepreneurs such as Richard Liu know that transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurial life may be quite difficult. The reason that this is so is because of the change from one form of living to another.


Think about it, people like Richard Liu Qiangdong had to face more uncertainty and more challenges than the person that may be going to work at a stable corporation like AT&T or IBM.


The challenge for the current or future employee is to impress their manager or employer enough to continue at their steady pace of work, the challenge of the entrepreneur such as Richard Liu Qiangdong is to find out what the market wants and to go deliver it as quickly and efficiently as possible. See Related Link for additional information.


The Challenge of Employee Differs from the Entrepreneur

The challenge of the employee seems a bit more straightforward, right? The employee just has to understand the hiring process and be competent enough, with the right skills, experience, and credentials to show the employer they can help the business in some form or fashion. The entrepreneur has to face the greater challenge of figuring out the problem, the solution and how to be as good as possible to make the consumer happy.


This is not to say that the life of the employee may not be difficult, there may certainly be hardships within the employee life but it is quite likely that the entrepreneur faces more uncertainty.


Entrepreneurs such as Richard Liu had to continue to press forward even when they didn’t feel like and felt discouraged, they had to move forward because they had to use their time and resources wisely.


Richard Liu is one of the top entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry. As a testament to Liu’s admirable business practices, he has received numerous national and international awards for his entrepreneurship, business influence, innovation, and leadership.


After launching his first online retail website sometime in 2004, he founded his only a year later.


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Jingdong Joins Earth Hour Once Again


Earth Hour is an environmental initiative that was launched in Australia in 2007 by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The initial goal was to reduce the number of lights that people used for one hour. Everybody was to switch off unneeded lights for a synchronized hour. Since that time it has expanded into other initiatives and is observed in 187 nations.


Jingdong operates the website They are supporting Earth Hour as they have done in years past. launched multiple sustainability programs such as the recycling of products and offering green packaging to its customers. One initiative involves clothing where what customers donate is either recycled or provided to needy people. Many organizations have supported this effort including businesses and universities. JD collected 200,000 pieces of clothing in 2018 in nearly 50 cities in China and has so far collected 1,000,00 pieces of clothing in total. Go To This Page to learn more.


One of the new things that is collecting this year is infant formula cans., also known to many Chinese as Jingdong Mall, collect these in a partnership with Mead Johnson Nutrition and Wyeth Nutrition. The goal is to reduce waste and recycle these cans by converting them into pencil cases that are colorful and can be used by children from low-income households in school. has over 300 million customers across almost the entirety of China. They can deliver products to 99 percent of China which is more than any other retailer. They have a comprehensive and vast in-house logistics network that includes drones and other alternative methods of delivering products. International Affairs leader Christine Wong said that her company is always looking for ways to make the business more sustainable and responsible. They chose to participate in Earth Hour so that they could offer a more environmentally sensitive business model.


JD has a great record as an environmentally responsible firm. Their entire fleet of vehicles is being converted to ones that are using green energy, for instance. The goal is to reduce the impact that their business activities have on the Earth and build a more sustainable business mode.


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Jingdong Memberships For More Rewards And Points

The Difference JD Plus Makes for it Members proves that it has more to offer than one-billion listed products. JD makes the most of its market share with rewards for loyal customers. Its Premium option divvies out points as members collect credits with every buy. Points convert to real money, and 70 percent of all members will renew their accounts.

It’s the ongoing success; consistent feedback has led to expand on the “JD-Premium” program. What’s unfolding now builds off a simple strategy to partner with brands from around the world. Members get special perks on different sites if holding Premium. Cross promoting is doing wonders for Jingdong. Go To This Page for additional information.

Users want a view of a larger world, brands that are easy to access and recognition for their loyalty. Zhihu is an option for members now.

Having accounts at both and Zhihu holds a few benefits.

What is Zhihu, and How is it Used?

 “Zhihu” is a Chinese variation to what Reddit is to the United States. These platforms, with a Q&A structure, resemble sites like Thriving communities are found on each site. The interaction, the lax feel and the shared voices are infectious.

Zhihu stores books and live media covering topics of all kinds. Every month, the platform hosts over 250-million page views. Users upload questions, input answers and edit the content as they need to. Working with gives these surfers more reasons to use Zhihu and vice versa.

A Look at the New Rewards and Benefits to Unfold

Consider these perks for registered accounts with Jingdong or Zhihu:

E-books on Demand

E-books on Demand: Roughly 10,000 books store on Zhihu’s platform, and these aren’t available to the public.

All in Realtime

All in Realtime: Zhihu’s popularity makes some of its streaming private, so imagine sitting in on premiere Q&A sessions done live.


Audiobooks: Listed is a batch of 600 audiobooks that you get premium access to.


Access: The use of these perks are free for members who hold accounts with and Zhihu.


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The Journey Attribute Of From Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu is a successful businessman as well as a renowned entrepreneur in China. He is the founder and CEO of one of the largest retail e-commerce company in China, The company is also the leading online business by revenue. offers a variety of products ranging from electronics to fresh human foods and offers same or next day delivery to it’s over a hundred million active customers. The firm also continuously utilize cutting edge technology to innovate new solutions for the global economic environment.

Richard Liu was born in China, in Suqian town and his early life was common as of other many families in the region. His parent were coal transporters and instilled essential values of hard work, proper education and encouraged their son to succeed in his all endeavors. After completing secondary level education, Richard Liu enrolled at The People`s University of China where he studied and graduated with a Bachelor`s degree in Sociology. Though Richard Liu focused on his chosen call, he felt the need to expanding his skill to fit for future competitive employment opportunities. Thus, he taught himself computer coding as well as other computer science studies.

Upon graduation, Richard Liu first experience in business happened in Japan Life, a national provider of natural supplements. Here he utilized his previously learned computer skills leading to growth opportunities and eventually gained promotion to head computer department in the company. In 1998, he left his previous employment to undertake entrepreneurial calling fully. He started by setting up a small store in Beijing town selling magneto-optical appliances, a business which grew and transformed to become the online world empire which is valued to worth billions of US dollars. Go Here for additional information.

Within the first five years, Richard Liu had managed to turn his initial investment into a twelve brick-and-mortar store which he named Jingdong. His main ingredient to this rapid growth was his association to customers and exemplary services he offered. In 2003, it was an unlucky year for Richard Liu and the entire business persons in China due to the outbreak of SARS. Although many businesses were paralyzed, the condition gave Liu another shift in marketing strategy, and he established an online retail shop.

Today, stands at about $60 billion whereas his personal net worth is about 12.7 billion. And in 2017, Richard Liu became a “Variety500 Honoree” as a result of his persistence, innovation, and hard work. During his free time, the billionaire loves to either spend time with his family or volunteering at Red Cross.


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Liu Qiangdong Profile


Liu Qiangdong is the founder and the CEO of, a Chinas ecommerce company. He is termed as entrepreneurial genius because of his self-made story of success. His business savvy actively serves more than 100 million shoppers and employs the cutting edge technology to invent new technologies for its worldwide economic environment.

Liu Qiangdong was born in china. His parents did coal shipping and worked tirelessly to make sure that their son gets the right quality of education. Through their parents’ character of hardworking, he worked harder in school and excelled on endeavors. The joined the Peoples University in china to study sociology program attaining his first bachelor degree. He saw the benefit of expanding his horizons for the purpose of competitive employment opportunities in future. He managed to study some of computer coding basics by himself.

Liu was employed by Japanese company, a natural supplement provider after finishing school. He too rented a small retail shop in Beijing china. He sold some basic products and also did exemplary service for the customers, managed ease of transaction and also used technology to stream business ventures. View Additional Info Here.

Due to competition within the business, he decided to set himself from the other competitive vendor through selling of only products which are authorized. Some of the products sold by his competitive vendors were faux and of poor quality. He did this only to gain trust and loyalty of his customers who recommended his products as high quality and authenticated.

Within a short period of time in business, Liu Qiangdong changed his original investment into a more profiting chain of his magneto-optical retail shop. As many of the business tirelessly struggled to gain profitable outputs mostly in their original years, his business acquired success growth and also expansion. His traditional business was mostly profiting with twelve retail stations.

China’s SARS outbreak gave instant changes in mostly of retail environment, this affected the whole country of china and was termed as devastating to many small businesses. Liu Qiangdong capability to adapt to changing environment in market places, his business experienced a success strategy and consequently changed into an industry.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder of previously known as Jingdong. The renowned businessman is known for his level of expertise in e-commerce. He began his entrepreneurial journey after he graduated and could not pursue further education. This he attributes to his interest in business rather than the conservative employment model. This led him to start a restaurant business which unfortunately collapsed due to inadequate management skills.


Richard Liu shifted his interest and started to sell spare parts under the company name Jingdong. It was not long before he discovered that the business model had more costs than returns and a brick and motor business model would not be efficient. He thus remodeled his business strategy and changed his company to the famous Years later, coupled with the shift towards online shopping, the business became a market leader and is currently listed at the NSE among the top firms in China.


In his interview, Richard Liu attributes his success in e-commerce to the ability to strategize and have efficient business systems. He states that his business model relies on values such as integrity, efficiency, customer service and a low turnover period for stock. He further reveals the importance of ensuring customer needs are met promptly while retaining high quality.


In regards to counterfeit products, Richard Liu highlights that his business does not allow counterfeits, which ultimately builds trust and translates to higher revenue. currently has a delivery system within China and has further expanded the company to a global level. It is evident that the low costs associated with online store have a spillover effect which allows for business expansion. Coupled with the high economic growth rate, the company is bound to expand under Richard Liu management.


The interview further depicts the management technique implemented by Richard Liu Qiangdong which is based on efficiency and quality. He is also able to compete effectively and has high-profit margins by having a wide variety of products. In comparison to stores such as Walmart, the business has more products to sell with low costs associated with the same due to the short turnover periods. Richard Liu is an embodiment of success in entrepreneurship. Read This Article to learn more.


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As one of the world’s largest online retailer,, founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong, is one of the best examples to align one’s business with. It started as a small brick and mortar store in Beijing, China, and it has grown to be the biggest online retailer that uses cutting edge technology in its operations. The firm has incorporated a number of strategies that have ensured the survival of the business as well as the expansion of its market.

Customer Involvement

During the development of any project either in technology-based projects or non-technological projects, it’s important to involve the targeted market. This eases the product and or service acceptance process as well as promoting the business. conducts detailed research and gathers their clients’ information before during and after embarking on a project.

The online retailer has partnered with a number of institutions like the green advocacy groups to conduct sustainable consumption campaigns to inform their consumers. Other institutions include the united nation development programs to spread the awareness of waste and pollution reduction. Read This Article for additional information.


JD is known for its use of advanced technology to promote environmental sustainability as well as establishing an effective delivery system to cover its ever-growing market reach. has over 80,000 employees in the delivery process in China alone. With its umbrella spread over the middle and southern Asia, the number of delivery employees and delivery trucks is quite big making the rate of CO2 emissions high prompting the use of continent and sustainable delivery of products. The team,, have converted over find a thousand trucks from CO2 emitting truck to new energy trucks. The process is still ongoing with Jingdong hoping to convert its entire fleet to new energy reducing the carbon emissions by tons.

Waste Reduction and Environmental Sustenance

Many companies are in the process of incorporating means through which they can reduce the waste in their processes as one of the means to reduce global population and waste production. Their recent step in the article “ Launches New Reusable Package Initiative” is a big one. It signifies that the company has put their full force behind making the company a truly environmental company.

The retail owner, Richard Liu Qiangdong has ensured that the firm uses bio-degradable material as well as reusable packages to reduce waste.


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Interview With Richard Liu


In an appearance at the World Economic Formal Annual Meeting, Richard Liu sat before an audience for an interview. Talking about his early days in college and his business-oriented mind, Richard Liu talked about opening a restaurant right out of college and running it for several years until the business folded. He stated the failure taught him vital lessons about business and consumerism. This would help him in his next and current business as it has evolved. In 1998, Liu started JingDong. It began as a few store front shops for selling electronics and electronics accessories.

In 2004, the SARS epidemic hit China. Liu, fearing for the safety of his employees, closed the stores initially. This is when the idea struck him to move the business online; thus spurring the massive growth JingDong experienced. Liu discussed the downsides to selling online, such as counterfeit merchandise and cheating customers with high prices. Liu wanted to create a better customer experience.

This customer oriented initiative spawned JD’s innovation in customer service, selling and shipping. JingDong current has a market value somewhere near 60 billion dollars. With 500 logistic centers, autonomous delivery robots and drones, JD can guarantee delivery times in as little as 6 hours with precision.

On discussing his success, Liu joked that many of the friends that he had before becoming successful were now wealthy; hinting at his generous spirit. He’s always been surrounded by hard-working, intelligent people. Liu talked about his daily routines as a measure to keep himself in groove of success. JingDong is often compared to WalMart and Amazon. Find Related Information Here.

Liu talked about how JD’s products are of better quality than that of WalMart’s and how JD’s selection is more vast. The competitive spirit lives within Liu as he discussed Amazon. Richard Liu stated that he doesn’t believe it will be too long before JD becomes more successful than Amazon on a global scale and with their rapidly evolving innovation in customer and technology driven services, it’s not hard to imagine.

Today, stands at about $60 billion whereas his personal net worth is about 12.7 billion. And in 2017, Richard Liu became a “Variety500 Honoree” as a result of his persistence, innovation, and hard work. During his free time, the billionaire loves to either spend time with his family or volunteering at Red Cross.


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How Richard Liu Qiangdong Changed The World Of E-Commerce


Ever since the inception of online retailing, its safe to say that the world of e-commerce has come a long way. Naturally, a lot of consumers weren’t really comfortable dealing with the internet for one reason –

fraudsters. A lot of scum lingered around the dark corners of the internet posing as merchants who’d pounce on any unsuspecting consumer looking to buy.

And that’s exactly why the name Richard Liu Qiangdong is very vital especially when it comes to the world of e-commerce. When he founded back in 2004, the internet billionaire had one goal in mind and that was cleaning up the online retail scene. Liu’s dream was to lead an e-commerce platform where clients weren’t afraid to use.

So Richard Liu Qiangdong made his first step by only dealing with a business that dealt with authentic merchandise. Thanks to Liu Qiangdong’s revolutionary decision, it didn’t take long for consumers from all corners of the world to take note of the good work he was doing. And it was at that moment that started experiencing its exponential growth.

Apart from combating fraud, Richard Liu Qiangdong also made sure that he was paying very close attention to what the consumers need. And that’s when he discovered that most of them were always complaining about the extremely long waiting periods between purchase and delivery. And needless to say, the tech billionaire had the perfect solution to this.

With his bonafide team and advisors, Richard Liu Qiangdong made sure that he was stationing logistic stores all over the world, with well over 500 in China alone. This way, he was in a position to reduce the delivery time to

between 6 and 20 hours, irrespective of the area of the world the consumer is. Owing to this incredible success, was floated to NASDAQ. Visit This Page for more information.

And by 2016, the Chinese e-commerce platform was raking in as much as $37 billion in net revenues annually. Today, is valued at $60 billion and has got well over 167,000 dedicated employees worldwide. But the later success doesn’t mean that Richard Liu Qiangdong and his dedicated team are slowing down when it comes to satisfying their esteemed customers.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Opens Up About His Business And Personal Life in The WEF Meeting


Best known for founding Jingdong Mall, one of China’s leading e-commerce sensations, Richard Liu is an avid entrepreneur and businessman. His background story portrays him as a committed, resilient, down-to-earth and visionary individual to say the least. Currently, he prides himself on being the chief executive officer of, a company with an estimated asset worth of $57.6 billion.

During the 2018 Annual World Economic Forum, Richard Liu Qiangdong participated in an interview whereby he responded to questions relating to his business. He narrated to the Co-executive Chairperson and Co-founder of The Carlyle Group David M. Rubenstein how his Jingdong Mall platform became a reality. From operating a computer parts retail business to finally venturing into e-commerce, Richard Liu Qiangdong realized that the new business model involves low logistics.

According to Richard Liu,’s success did not happen overnight. In the beginning, the company was low on capital even though that situation did not stop it from operating. They began with IT products and mobile phones before later adding a variety of items over time. Currently, Jingdong serves a wide array of customers not only in China but also other parts of the world. The e-commerce platform also hopes to expand its reach to the USA, Europe, Middle East, and South Asia.

Richard Liu suggested that Jingdong Mall is better than Walmart because of its wide variety of goods, amounting to one billion. As such, customers have different choices to pick from when shopping via Liu’s platform as compared to the latter, which has several millions of options. On a more personal level, Richard Liu Qiangdong said his married and had two children, whereby the youngest one is nearly two-years-old.

More about Richard Liu

Aside from business, Richard Liu Qiangdong is an accomplished alumnus of Renmin University (China) where he graduated with a sociology degree in 1996. To top it up, he attended the China Europe International Business School for his EMBA. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, Richard Liu spent most of his time sharpening his computer programming skills by taking up freelance coding jobs. After graduation, he was employed at Japan Life, a health product entity. During the two years he worked there, he held several roles including the director for business and director for computers. See This Page for additional information.


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