A man who stood all odds in the banking sector, Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has parleyed as the icon in the Brazilian investment field. He was born in the years where investment in his country was a no go zone. He worked very hard at the high school level and secured a chance in the previous Parana Federal University.

He pursued engineering to emulate his father and on the fact that the university was synonymous with engineering. He later switched to economic and graduated with a degree in economics in the same university.

He later got a job as a banker. Engineers were preferred by many banks for the use of sliding rules to calculate interest for the modern computers and calculators were not advance. He was highly regarded for his hard work.

He worked for Multibanco for about two years before being elevated to the position of the CEO. He earlier on worked as the companies directly and sat on the board of directors’ seat. The bad news hit him that the Americans finally acquired the bank.

He later got a chance at Unibanco. He worked there until 1985.he then went to work for Libra PLC. He worked so hard that he opened more doors for the investors. He was made the board of Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. A position he served for seven years.

Igor Cornelsen began his company in 1995. He recounts how he handled the knowledge he gathered from his mentors and the ups and downs of the bank.

He advises young entrepreneurs to be innovative. To convert ideas into tangible trends. Hey should endeavor to learn the trends in the market continuously and they will succeed in their endeavors.

Igor Cornelsen’s bank has experienced a drastic rise in profits. The level of his operations has also beefed up. He projects to make a profit despite the wrong economic policies in Brazil.