An Overview Of Nutrisystem: What Do You Get For The Cost?


Most people want to find a highly rated diet, but many highly rated diets are expensive. Despite the fact that the plan requires that you eat four to five times a day, Nutrisystem is affordable.


Nutrisystem makes dining extremely convenient. The Nutrisystem diet includes meals that are already prepared. They are heated up in the microwave. The diet includes 2 snacks and 3 meals.


You will have to buy a few things outside of the plan. Some examples of things that you’ll need to buy outside of the plan are fruits and vegetables. Many people also purchase cheese sticks and low-fat yogurt.


The plan makes it possible to satisfy just about any craving! You can even eat foods that are usually high-calorie, such as Italian dishes. Choosing these dishes won’t stop you from losing weight on the diet.



A Comparison Of The Nutrisystem Meal Plans:


It is $9.82 per day for the basic plan. This is around 275 dollars per month. The plan includes free shipping along with a guarantee that you’ll lost 7 inches and 13 pounds within a month. However, the meals in this plan are pre-selected.


The Core Plan is one step above the basic plan. It is $10.54 per day. This plan is 295 dollars per month, and it comes with the same weight loss guarantee. However, you’ll also be able to pick your meals and be able to talk to registered counselors and dieticians.


The Uniquely Yours Plan is the best plan that Nutrisystem offers. It’s $11.96 a day, and this amounts to just under 335 dollars a month. It allows you to choose from more foods than any of the other plans, and it includes frozen foods.



How Does It Compare To Jenny Craig And Bistro MD?


Jenny Craig is more expensive and offers less benefits. Bistro MD does not provide any weight loss guarantees, and it’s also more expensive.

Check out for a more in depth breakdown of Nutrisystem costs and fees versus net benefits.