The most recent decade OSI has kept on growing into a value-added product of protein leader, to pizza from sausage and hamburger patties, OSI Industries has spread in new regions, both figuratively and literally. International extension, particularly in Europe, has proceeded at a high rate. A more extensive scope of items has gone under the banner of OSI, involving even non-meat products. In Japan, OSI unveiled another facility of beef production in 2010, additionally extending the range of the operations of Asia-Pacific. In India two facilities one at Punjab and the other one at Bangalore began operations in 2012.

In 2013 OSI engaged in a joint new venture with JC Comsa a Japanese organization, which highlights dough line of products. In recent years, Europe has stood out to be a focal point of OSI Industries development. In 2013 a new LEED processing plant certified for production of beef in Poland, Ostroda went online. OSI set up United Kingdom joint ventures with Germany and Pick stock in 2014.

A remarkable improvement globally and in Europe was the foundation of another worldwide platform of trading in 2013, situated in Germany. Global Trade MPO was set up in Gunzburg-Denzingen, which was previously centered among OSI Industries poultry holding in Thailand and Brazil. The exertion concentrated on furnishing OSI with the command of its chain of supply up to its clients, in this way presenting more effectiveness in all its everyday tasks.

In 2016 there was another huge Europe advancement as a result of obtaining stake control at Baho Food. Baho Food is an enhanced Dutch producer of beef and other nourishment products; it has its activities in both Germany and Netherlands. In 2018 another development was the procurement of Creative Europe Foods which is Flagship U.K.-based. Germany’s Schlachthof Hynek was obtained in 2017. The majority of this actions in Europe prompted OSI industries in 2016 to open up its local office in Germany, Gersthofen.

This time of fast development in Europe was supplemented by the expansion of product lines of OSI Industries. A plant of dry sausage was established in 2011 around Utah, West Jordan. The following year another frozen entrée product plant producer and sustenance products were started in Illinois, Geneva. OSI purchased a Chicago processing plant in 2016; owned by Tyson Foods. OSI did this with the aim of facilitating the ability for product and growth diversification and to know more click here