Victoria Doramus’ Established Foundations


Victoria Doramus is a known philanthropist in New York. As from 2016, she has mainly focused and volunteered in many charities to help the vulnerable but the most noticed one is establishing a rehabilitation center to help those who are struggling with drug. Some of the charities include Room to Read, Amy Winehouse Foundation among many others.


Amy Winehouse Foundation is one of the organization Victoria Doramus established to prevent and reduce the drug’s effect among the youths. She has got experience on how drugs can make and individual life very miserable as she struggled with it during her early age. This organization mainly educate the young generation on the effects of addiction. The organization emerged from known artist called Amy who unfortunately passed at the age of 27 years. Friends and relative saw a need of coming up with this organization to help those who are struggling hard with drugs.


Apart from Amy Winehouse, Victoria Doramus as greatly contributed to the success of Women’s prison Association. This association accommodates over forty thousand women in jails and prisons within New York who have been judged with crimes that relate with drugs and properties. Most of these are living below the poverty level and the organization is trying to give an alternate solution rather than just being arrested. These women are helped to reduce their addiction and also are provided with room to meet their kids and guidance and counselling on how to live well in the community. Additionally, they are train on skills for household that help them once they are out and will be able to make both ends meet. View More Information Here.


Victoria Doramus has been working closely with a non-profit organization called Room to Read which was established in 2000. The main focus lies on children where they are aiming at bringing gender equality to the society especially in the field of education. She is passionate at training girls who are still in high schools on skills to survive in once they are out of school. Ever since its foundation, it has benefited more than twenty thousand communities. These include Jordan, Indonesia, India and some countries in Africa like Tanzania.


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