Steve Ritchie Spearheads Papa John’s “Diversity Training”


As the CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is very determined to change the course of the Pizza chain, which has been on the decline since early last year. One of Ritchie’s effort to redeem the image of the company from the slump is by doing a diversity training on its employees. Ritchie announced that the reason for this training is due to bad diversity practices which are uncovered during his investigation in all of its branches in the United States.

Daniela Galarza from compared the Diversity Practices to what Starbucks did a couple of years ago to alleviate the backlash because of a commotion that happened to one of its Philadelphia branches. Steve Ritchie also made it clear that he has three priorities while he’s leading Papa John’s International, and those three are diversity, equity, and inclusion.

According to Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s, the training that will be made is an “unconscious bias training” and everyone the company, including the executive employees, are going to participate. The training will also serve as a way to make the employees of Papa John’s have a better working relationship with each other. Ritchie also announced his plans to make the leadership team more diverse. Visit This Page for more information about Steve Ritchie.

Under Steve Ritchie’s leadership, the decline that happened from the first to third quarter of 2018 was alleviated in each quarter. According to QSR Magazine, the pizza chain started to recover in the last quarter last year due to the new marketing efforts released. Q1 get a -5.3 decline, Q2 got a -6.1 decline, the third quarter is the worst with -9.8 declines. During the last quarter of 2018, its sales started to bounce back, with a recorded decline of -7.3.

In addition to this, Papa John’s managed to secure funding worth $200 million with the help of Starboard Value LP. Half of this funding is planned to be used to finance its five strategic priorities: people, brand, value, technology, and unit economics. The other half of the funding will be used for financing the debt of the company. Because of this funding, Starboard’s CEO Jeffrey Smith has been added as the chairman of Papa John’s.


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Steve Ritchie is Working Hard To Secure The Reputation Of Papa John’s


Papa John’s International is a very popular brand in the American market. The organization has been thriving for decades, but the past few months have been tough for the company. Fortunately, the company has a new chief executive officer who is working hard to make things fall in the rightful place. Steve Ritchie is a popular professional in the pizza.

His portfolio shows that the business executive has been in the industry since he left school many decades ago. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns’ expertise has helped him to navigate the market despite the presence of so many hardships. Papa John ‘s has had challenges because of its reputation. The earnings have been dropping despite the hard work all the company workers have been putting on.

Steve Ritchie now wants to make all his workers wiser so that a similar scenario is no longer experienced in the future. The executive has asked all the company employees to strictly attend diversity training so that they can have the right skills to communicate and handle people from all cultures. Go To This Page for additional information.

The troubles that have been hitting Steve Richie PapaJohns have been linked to racial remarks made by a top official. Steve Richie PapaJohns, the new chief executive in the prestigious firm has addressed all his franchisees, members of staff and even the customers, telling them how his company is working to ensure that the future doesn’t get worse. Diversity is a primary feature in the success of new businesses in the United States. When Steve Ritchie got his prestigious role, he decided that he was going to be keen on equity, opportunities, respect and even fairness. Everyone should be included in the progress and activities that are being carried out in the successful firm.

The strategy that has been acquired by Steve Ritchie is very effective. One coffee brand that had similar problems started to exercise it last year, and the results were amazing. The coffee brand had mistakenly called the police when two black customers were enjoying their coffee in the restaurant. When the public learnt about the incidence, there was so much uproar, and everyone was willing to boycott their products until they started to embrace diversity by training all their workers.


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