End Citizens United And The Latest News About Them That You Most Likely Haven

There are many things happening in the world lately, but one news that stands out today is the one happening with End Citizens United (ECU), the political action group that is pushing the boundaries in political battles just to initiate the kind of changes that it wants.

The Conor Lamb Support

It’s hard to see how to fix the complicated injustices in the world lately. The more centralized its systems are, the harder it is to find the answers to the pressing questions. Fortunately, End Citizens United is gathered and put together enough to get the answers it needs. Some of the answers it needs could have something to do with the way it sees the need to support Conor Lamb.

The support of End Citizens United for Conor Lamb comes in the form of a $250,000 Ad Spend donation, which it hopes can push for the upending of the hurdles that deter people from driving for money-free democratic elections. Right now, most of the electoral results come from the decisions of multinational companies. These are the factors that usually don’t get countered in, but when you talk about politics today in America, it is impossible not to include the influence of big money. With the Conor Lamb support, End Citizens United can become closer to its goal to end the influence of money in politics.

The move of End Citizens United lately is also targeting the steps of Republican Rick Saccone, for having committed fraud in its role as a representative. This is nothing new today. Officers use their positions to manifest policies that are opposite to what their constituents need. Why? Because they can. It’s easier to send non-sense decisions if the people around you are too busy doing minimum wage worker. If the workforce is distracted, the quicker you can control them.

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The Politico Report

In another aspect of ECU, we know that right now Politico is featuring the ECU political action committee in their news headlines. This time, it’s just light news. The report was a feature of Tiffany Muller, the President and Executive Director of ECU, because it’s her birthday. Amid the battles to push for new solutions and in a political arena that’s always in turmoil, the news of a birthday is something that adds balance to the more dismal set of news.

We learned from The Politico article, too, that Blood in the Water is the new favorite book of Ms. Tiffany, and it is the book that has given her the type of passion and inspiration to someday work for the criminal justice reform. We could also add here that Ms. Tiffany is a fan of skimboarding, and the fact that she does this amid the leadership she plays for ECU is something that people may find refreshing.

Betsy DeVos Answers Questions on School Choice Movement

Betsy DeVos has always been known as a reformer. Before being married, when she was a young girl named Elizabeth Prince and attending classes at Calvin College, she first became politically active and has remained so ever since.


In the 30 years following her time in college, Mrs. DeVos has taken a leadership role in a variety of political organizations and campaigns. This includes a six-year stint as the chairman of the Republican party in Michigan.


Mrs. Devos, along with her husband Dick, is also heavily involved In philanthropy through a number of non-profit organizations. Betsy is the chairman of the family foundation she founded with her husband as well as a member of multiple local and national organizations that are dedicated to bettering the lives of others.


Mrs. DeVos is maybe best known for her work with the movement to provide choice in education for parents of children in the United States and serves as chairman of two organizations working to achieve this goal.


Mrs. DeVos took time out from her busy schedule recently to speak about her thoughts on reforming the American educational system.


What are your thoughts on the state of the school choice movement in America


I think it is an exciting time for the movement. There are 17 states that now have some form of a private choice program that is funded by the public. In all, there are 250,00 children being educated by schools in these programs. About 40,000 of these students entered these programs in just the last year which is indicative of the explosive growth that is taking place.


To be honest, much of the reason for the rapidly growing popularity of private choice education is the well-known failures of public schools in the country.


When did you first become interested in this movement


A few years back, when my Dick and I had school-aged children ourselves, we visited the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The school served many children of low-income families and I became greatly impressed with many of these families who were willing to do anything to provide a safe and secure learning environment for their children. This and many other incidents in my life has drawn me into this fight. We first began supporting individual students at the Potter’s House and this would eventually lead to a greater commitment being undertaken.


What do you feel has been your biggest success in the push for private school voucher programs


Definitely the developments in the state of Florida. The state has established a tax credit scholarship program that has led to Florida enjoying the longest period of wide access to programs that have provided educational choice. There are currently 50,000 students in the state of Florida that are currently being educated by schools that were chosen by their families.


There has also been great progress in the states of Indiana and Louisiana who have started programs that have the potential to make private choice programs a viable alternative for as many as a million children.


So how would you define success in this fight


Success will be realized when all parents, socioeconomic backgrounds notwithstanding, are given the right to have their children be educated at a school of their choice. Also, children from poor families must be afforded the same opportunities to fully develop their God-given abilities as everyone else.


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