What No One Tells You About Victoria Doramus Addiction

Victoria Doramus was an Adderall and cocaine addict. She found her way to the rehabilitation center located at Sierra Tucson at the age of 26 when the reality hit her that she could no longer manage her life since the disease was slowly eating her up. Victoria Doramus was at the rehab for one and a half month but later went back to Los Angeles where she resided with much knowledge of what she suffered but the reality was that she had to work extra hard to cope up with the disease.

The fact was that Victoria Doramus, a consumer trends expert, was in a critical state. To counter the desperation she tried getting new friends, moving to different places and even trying joining a grad school in London but unfortunately in 2016 she found herself spending 60 more days in a rehab later on she had to move back to NYC to do extra work with her situation, She had to prove to her ailing cancer mother that she was in a position to handle her case. The result of her efforts landed her to losing most of her friends, but she persisted since she had outdone all the barriers limiting her.

One day, as per analystoffinance.com, Victoria Doramus was told by a medical doctor that they induced amphetamine to induce psychosis. Funny enough was that at that moment she was taking at least a bottle every day but never saw the effect. It got her desperate in some days where she tried to get sober and even wished to die to change the situation.

At the beginning of the year, 2017 Victoria Doramus flew to Austin, Texas at a treatment center called Burning Tree. Here she was forced to accept her situation and was subjected to a 12 program in which she had duties to do the whole day and before they slept they had to attend an AA meeting every night and the process repeated day in day out and after a month she left the place and went to live in Dallas in a better situation as she could work 30-40 hours every week and attend at least five meetings weekly.

After four months of working, she had well reformed and could even afford an airplane ticket back to New York City where she has been working with the nonprofit organization. Victoria Doremus is also working with where she gets most of her solutions.

All this time Victoria Doramus has always believed and told everyone that changing your life is still possible despite all wrangles experienced.  Doramus also talked into detail regarding her recovery story at medium.com.

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The Come Back of Bradesco Bank with Luiz Carlos

     Our careers are very important to us. It is basically what we live to do. It is, therefore, vital that we make the right decisions to grow them. Patience is an indispensable ingredient in growing the career. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has improved his skills in the industry by following these virtues. He is currently the CEO of the Bradesco in Brazil, which is ranked second in the banking sector.

The Bradesco had been the dominating banking facility in Brazil for a long time, until the rise of Itau Unibanco. The latter almost offset the stability of the Bradesco bank. It is really scary when you realize that the long-term relationships that took you forever to grow are being affected. They had to act to get their grip on the market. One of their moves was to appoint Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the CEO of the company.

Luiz was the right person for the position. Many factors made him qualified for the job. For instance, the time he had been in the firm. Luiz Carlos had been serving the company for more than 40 years. He, therefore, understood the culture and the mission of the bank, which made it easier for him to know the places that needed adjustment.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is also a great leader. When he was in the banking insurance sector, he did so great. The firm improved tremendously despite the many politics and external factors that were working against it. As a result, in 2003 and 2007, Luiz got the Insurance Personality of the Year. Good leadership qualities are paramount in every organization if it has to be successful.

The time of the appointment of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, as the CEO of the company did not come at a good time. Many firms were going out of business as a result of the financial crisis. The competitors in the sector were also significantly growing. The shares of the company were reducing.

Luiz, however, was able to bring the company back to life. One way to help Bradesco gain leverage was through acquisitions. However, the small organizations were not ready to be bought off by the premium companies. This did not stop Luiz from trying. Finally, he acquired the Brazilian branch of HSBC at $5.2 billion. By so doing, the Bradesco Bank regained their dominance bank and beat its competitors in all aspects. The Bradesco Bank is confident that they will be able to maintain these standards with Luiz as their CEO.

Touching down at Fagali Airport

     The modern Fagali airport is different from its previous incarnations. The landing strip started out as a grass-only landing strip which took smaller commuter and charter planes. The island’s government closed the strip in 2002, according to Wikipedia.

Fagali’s airstrip has had a troubled history throughout most of the early 2000s. The strip closed again in 2006 because of noise and pollution complaints from nearby villages. During its previous operation, however, the airport managers made some improvements after its second closing. Travelers coming into the island of Fagali no longer have to endure a grass landing strip. Polynesian airlines passengers can touch down on concrete and asphalt.

The island enjoys a tropical climate, as do many of the Polynesian islands in the South Pacific. Travelers can expect warm temperatures all year round, although they need to check the weather reports in the south Pacific to make sure that the island is not in the paths of any typhoon.

As long as the landing is smooth, the passports are in order and there are no difficulties with the weather, the traveler should enjoy a tropical paradise. They can go swimming and surfing at the beach or they can go site seeing. They can even stick around the Fagali airport if they wish.

Tony Petrello: CEO with a Cause

     Tony Petrello is a business leader and president and chief executive officer at Nabors Industries. He has a masters in mathematics from the University of Yale, where he was offered a full scholarship for his talents. He then moved on from mathematics to law and joined Harvard Law School where he graduated with his law degree. Before becoming CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello, worked his way up after having experience with many other businesses.

Though Petrello has been hugely successful with Nabors Industries, he also makes time for his philanthropic ventures. One of his biggest passions is helping those children who suffer from neurological disorders, like his daughter Carena. Carena was diagnosed with PVL (periventricular leukomalacia), a disorder that affects the brain’s ability to eat, speak, and walk. She has been a huge inspiration to Tony, and his wife Cynthia, and the motivation to donating their time and money to find a cure. This prompted Tony to volunteer to serve on the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. He advocates for children to make certain that they have access to the best care and resources to survive. He has donated over 7 million dollars to the hospital so that it could improve its care for the children, and continue their clinical research.

Tony Petrello’s generosity doesn’t stop there, he has also donated to educational institutions, like Yale University, where he donated 150 thousand dollars because he truly believes in the importance of investing in future through education. He has continued involvement with Yale because he believes his education to be a huge contributor to his success. He strives to provide others the same opportunity to have a successful educational career as he was at both Yale and Harvard.

Giving back to those in need seems to be in Tony Petrello’s nature, and is an important part of Nabors industries as well. After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the employees stepped up, by taking time off to help with relief efforts. To show appreciation Tony ensured that those employees were given paid time off to help. The employees contributed over 170 thousand dollars for relief, and Tony matched the donation. They created the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund and they used their kitchen to cook large quantities of meals for those affected, three times a day. Tony Petrello is largely known for his charitable and philanthropic efforts.

Bruno Fagali: Restoring Sanity In Public Contracting

     The Brazilian government has been accused of corrupt practices during contract awards. To enhance its image and increase public confidence, the Brazilian government started a campaign to enhance transparency and accountability.

Bruno Fagali played an important role in the advert firm. Other than the code of conduct, he implemented an integrity program and formed an ethics committee made up of employees. In addition, he developed a policy to treat the customers and employees alike.

Implementing such changes in an established organization requires an overhaul of the existing systems and procedures, and this could flip the fortunes of the organization.

The lawyer completed his Bachelors of Law degree at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 2009. He advanced his education and gained specialization in administrative law from the same institution. He later took Masters of State Law at the University of Sao Paulo.

He worked at Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm and Radi, Calil, and Associados advocacia law firms. He began his career by dealing with domestic violence, consumer law, and family law.

He later decided to follow his passion for becoming a public contract advisor. He continues to excel in this field especially now that compliance and public good continue to be adulterated in the country.

Bruno Fagali is a much sought-after lawyer because he is a fluent speaker of French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages. This makes him able to address issues in front of a diverse range of audience.

This has given him the chance to be a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance.

Nova/sb achieved full compliance with the Brazilian Ministry of Transparency, Supervision and Control guidelines. This, however, could not be possible if Bruno Fagali was not a person of integrity.

He has, therefore, made a mark in Brazil by assisting the government to eradicate corruption and enhance transparency in public contracts.

Whitney Wolfe Launched the Bumble Bizz Feature for Professional Networking

     Whitney Wolfe has become a popular name in the dating business since the time she founded Bumble, a dating app that puts women first. Whitney Wolfe has been associated with the dating business for a long time and is also the co-founder of the world’s most downloaded dating app named Tinder. However, after an ugly spat with the other co-founders of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe decided to walk away from Tinder and find her independent career path. It is what resulted in the development of Bumble, which is now one of the closest competitors of Tinder and its popularity has been growing much faster than Tinder in recent times.

Recently, Whitney Wolfe also rolled out its new feature named Bumble Bizz that would help the members of Bumble to expand their professional network. It would help the members to connect with other members who are in the same line of work and find mentors as well. Many people have already started comparing Bumble Bizz with Linkedin, which is another successful professional networking site. Linkedin began its operation in the year 2003, and millions of people across the globe use it, and the place has matured to a great extent over the years. However, Bumble Bizz is the new entrant in the market of professional social marketing site. In Bumble Bizz, the same trend as the Bumble follows, and only the female members are allowed to contact male members first.

Even though the interface of Bumble Bizz inside the app remains same, there is a feature that allows the users to upload their resume and skills. It would help others who the members wish to connect to see the profile and the professional background. Whitney Wolfe, the co-owner of Bumble, says that Bumble Bizz is different from Linkedin because there is no air of formality with Bumble Bizz. The members can communicate with other members casually without that pressure of being formal. Whitney Wolfe says that it is a well-known fact that women have to face a lot more trouble in business and corporate world, and Bumble Bizz aims to do its part to ease their journey to success. The Bumble Bizz feature would be housed in the Bumble app and is free to use, and for people who want quick results with their social networking efforts, using Bumble Bizz is a good idea. It is free to use and has been providing its users with excellent results so far.


End Citizens United Backs A Longshot In Texan Democrat Beto O’Rourke

     Despite only being established in 2015, End Citizen United has become one of the major players in U.S. politics with a positive message of bringing an end to the huge sums of money provided to politicians to aid their election campaigns. The 2010 Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited funding of election campaigns by Super PAC’s has become one of the most divisive in U.S. history and led directly to the establishment of End Citizens United with Tiffany Muller as President. In 2018, the Midterm elections are the perfect chance for End Citizens United to put into practice the winning formula which has helped Democrats win more than 30 seats from Republicans since the election of President Donald Trump in 2016.

Tiffany Muller had already made waves in Washington D.C. by announcing a list of the top targets for End Citizens United in the 2018 Midterms which included some big names on the Conservative side of the political spectrum. Despite many political experts believing Senator Ted Cruz had one of the safest seats in Washington, Muller made sure to include him on the list of those politicians who the PAC hoped to unseat in the coming elections.

The naming of Democrat, Beto O’Rourke as the Democratic opponent of Cruz may have been largely underwhelming as his personal politics were not well known in Texas but this has so far worked in his favor as the gap between the pair in polls has fallen to just eight points from 18 at the start of the campaign. Cruz has seen his disapproval rating rocket to 49 percent in recent months with an approval rating standing at just 38 percent among the constituents surveyed; in contrast, Democrat O’Rourke saw his poll figures stand at 61 percent having no opinion on O’Rourke and his political stance.

During the 2016 Presidential election campaign, End Citizens United discovered their campaigns focusing on the removal of big money from politics had a positive effect on campaigning in traditionally Republican areas instead of the usual Democrat message which scored lower in research. One of the main focal points of this campaign season for O’Rourke and End Citizens United has been the decision by the candidate not to accept funding from Super PAC’s which can be seen as heavily influencing the political future of a politician; End Citizens United relies solely on grassroots donations capped at $5,000 per member to achieve its aims, a choice Beto O’Rourke is also making to stick with grassroots funding. Ted Cruz followed a similar grassroots campaign in 2010 with Tea Party finding to secure his Senate seat but is now one of the largest recipients of funding from influential PAC’s and lobbyists in Washington.

Please check http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/end-citizens-united-pac-wants-make-its-name-reality for more.

American Institute of Architects-Setting the Gold Standard


The American Institute of Architects was created in New York City in 1857 by a community of 13 architects to elevate the profession and focus on the scientific aspects of architecture. The first members group Charlie Babcock, H. W. Cleaveland, Hank Dudley, Leo Eidlitz, Ed Gardiner, Rich M Hunt, Fred A. Petersen, among others. Richard Upjohn served as the first President of the American Institute of Architects. They met on February 23, 1857 and decided to invite 16 other prominent architects to join them, including Alex J Davis, Tom Walter. Before this group was started, any person could claim to be an architect, since there was no professional recognition.



Today, there are more than 9000 members who have agreed to the high priority of ethical work practices. There are five levels of the American Institute of Architects. They include:

  • Members (Architect)-licensed to do architecture
  • Associate Architect-not licensed but work under the supervision of a licensed mentor
  • International Associate-licensed to do work outside of the United States
  • Members Emeritus-have been licensed and served 15 consecutive years and are at least 65 years of age
  • Members Allied-professions who are closely related to architect



By speaking in a unified voice, the American Institute of Architects is able to influence legislation and policy for the overall Architect field. The AIA works closely with communities to better public spaces and promote the healthy and environmentally friendly design for the future. This organization has also been active in promotion of homes for those who are in need to provide affordable and safe housing options.



The AIA has recognized for many years specific individuals and organizations for their excellent achievements in support of the architecture profession and the AIA.[9]

  • Gold Medal (AIA)
  • Honor Awards for Architecture Interiors
  • Regional and Urban Designs
  • COTE Ten Outstanding Green Projects
  • Public Architecture Award (Thomas Jefferson)


Public Service

The AIA works to promote the recognition of the architect field by highlighting accomplishments to the public. To celebrate their 150 year anniversary, the AIA sponsored a contest for the public to name their 150 favorite works of construction. Initiatives like the 2030 Sustainability Toolkit helps mayors and other public officials to encourage the building of eco-friendly structures in their cities.

The American Institute of Architects has served proudly through the years to advocate and highlight the field of Architecture in the United States, and to promote integrity in the field.

For more, please watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ2CmY7_W5o.

Nursing And Care Home

The UK has a wonderful nursing and care home option in Sussex Healthcare. This healthcare company has a philosophy of highly personalized health care plans. They offer wonderful programs that include fun recreational pursuits like arts and crafts, cookery, movement, music programs and many other exciting choices. The staff is highly experienced and compassionate about their charges. Along with a premier nursing staff, Sussex Healthcare also uses well-trained physiology, occupational, reflexology and speech and language therapists. Offering programs for persons with dementia, elder adults, physically and learning disabled individuals, people having various neurological problems and the mentally disabled, Sussex Healthcare provides fine care and needed hope.

When people tour the gorgeous facilities, they are astounded at the many amenities. Individuals living in a Sussex Healthcare home enjoy fabulous meals served with fine restaurant style. The meals are nutritious and tasty. Heated hydrotherapy pools allow relaxation and easier exercise options. Specialized equipment enables people with special needs to do their fullest potential. Individuals are treated with the utmost respect, and they are able to stay connected with community events and programs. Enlightening educational programs allow for learning at personalized levels. Many colleges and other community organizations are associated with Sussex Healthcare.

A view of the layout leaves a satisfied feeling. Every individual is provided many opportunities to remain active, both mentally and physically. Learning programs are also available to aid those with physical, mental and learning special needs. The personal rooms are stunning and comfortable. Persons may opt to create their own decors. The rest of the facility rooms are made to look and feel homey and welcoming. If desired, alternative therapies found at expensive spas, such as aromatherapy, is an option. The day-to-day activities and programs are structured and custom-fit for each individual’s needs. This organization also provides respite and day care, along with special outreach programs.

The Sussex Healthcare administrators and staff fulfill their mission for providing exceptional care with a holistic framework to every person every day. They strive for perfection in every endeavor, believing strongly that each individual is unique and special. Sussex Healthcare aims to serve.