Glen Wakeman and His Ability to Change Companies for Good

Glen Wakeman was asked what is one software or online service that he uses in his line of work. He was also asked how he uses it and how it makes him more productive at his job. Mr. Wakeman says that he uses software and online services at work. He considers live chat to be a low cost and efficient way of providing customer service to clients. At the same time, live chat is highly professional, flexible and lets Glen Wakeman see what problems his customers are experiencing right away.


Another program that Glen Wakeman uses is called Doodle. He says he finds it very useful to organize meetings and plan his business calendar. Doodle helps to keep administration costs low while being organized and on top of things. Glen Wakeman also uses the application called Fiverr. He says this application gives him the ability to access resources from around the globe. Glen Wakeman adds that Fiverr is also very inexpensive and fast which he loves. The reviews that Glen Wakeman obtains from Fiverr are also extremely useful to him. He says that the reviews help him improve his company and provide better services.


The last question given to Glen Wakeman was what is one book he suggests that the Ideamensch community pick up and read. Ideamensch also inquired why he specifically recommended that book. Glen Wakeman replied that the one book he thinks the Ideamensch community should pick up and read is The Art of War written by Chinese general Sun Tzu.


Glen Wakeman says that there are dozens of lessons to be gleaned from reading and studying The Art of War which. The book which is over 2,500 years old can teach you valuable lessons about things such as discipline, teamwork, and preparation. Japanese businessmen consider this book a must read and view business as economic war. That is partly why the Japanese have been so successful and tough in business. Glen Wakeman is full of wisdom and if you really delve into it wisdom, then it will be a page turner book for you.


What the Osteo Relief Institute Tells Patients to do to Avoid Discomfort from Arthritis

Not everyone is able to be blessed with great genetics. In many cases, people suffer from health problems due to a family history of health problems. Most people do not consider this when they hear the words arthritis. The fact of the matter, however, is that if someone in your family has arthritis, the likelihood of you developing this disease is increased. The Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey wants people to understand that some people are at increased levels for developing this problem.


The other factor that the Osteo Relief Institute wants people to know is that the heavier you are in weight, the more likely you are to develop arthritis in the knees. Your knees carry the burden of your weight and therefore will deteriorate quicker than other joints in the body.


The Osteo Relief Institute plays a key role in helping its patients to learn techniques and exercises that will help to relieve some of the pain caused by arthritis. The relief center wants others to know that there are things that can be done daily to reduce swelling, inflammation, pain and more from arthritis.


In order to bring relief to yourself from the discomfort of arthritis, you can do a number of things daily to prevent pain from limiting your functions daily. One thing that the Osteo Relief Institute tells its patients to do in order to relieve discomfort is to stick to a daily routine ( This routine can help bring relief to your body. If you exercise daily, you will start to teach your muscles how to properly function. The use of medical treatments is also another way to bring relief to your body.


For your daily routine, you want to engage in gentle exercise movements before bed to help you feel less stiff first thing in the morning upon waking. While working daily, you will want to change position often which prevents your body from becoming stuff. Try to move around at least once every half hour. You should also avoid repetitive movements according to the Osteo Relief Institute (YouTube). By repeating movements, you can make your body overuse a particular portion of the body and this can actually increase pain and discomfort.