A Problem In Our Prisons Is Being Addressed By Securus

Securus Technologies has been a leader in their field of practice for some time. They are a company that produces communications technologies for prisons. In other words, they create things that make all communications that come to and from the prisons safer and more monitored. In some cases this even means blocking out types of communications that were never supposed to have been leaking out of the prisons in the first place. It is not easy work, but this company has been more than happy to step up to the plate to help.


Competitors have simply lacked the technology, expertise, or funds to do the kind of jobs that Securus has done. This is particularly difficult and bad because when a company fails at their job in this field, the failure is usually very public and potential dangerous.


There is a need to keep the prisons and the general public safe from those in the prison who might like to abuse communications privileges to have outsiders commit more crimes on their behalf. This is exactly what happened in South Carolina to former corrections officer Robert Johnson.


Johnson was a seasoned corrections officer who was good at his job. Sadly for him, this success was what made him a target for some prison gangs. When he took away some contraband that had entered the prison, the gang was not too happy about it. They wanted him eliminated. Using a contraband cell phone and a GreenDot card that had cash on it, they made a call to someone who was supposed to shoot Johnson to kill him.


That person did attempt to carry out the mission. Johnson was shot multiple times, but through some kind of miracle he survived the situation. He was able to pull through, but he has still had numerous surgeries since the incident. He also lives with constant pain as a result of what happened.


It is tragic that someone had to suffer so much for just doing the job that they were supposed to be doing. This is why it is so important that all of the rest of us recognize the sacrifice that this man and others have made. We must push legislators and others to implement new reforms and regulations to help keep contraband cell phones out of our prisons permanently.


Sussex Health Care: A National Leader In Audiology Care

Sussex Health Care (SHC) is a major care home provider for the elderly and people with learning disabilities. SHC houses are located in UK counties of Berkshire, Surrey, and, of course, Sussex. For over 25 years, SHC has been helping patients live life to the fullest in one of its many comfortable lodges.

In total, SHC has seven care homes across the three counties listed above. A few of these homes include the Clemsfold House in Horsham, the Forest Lodge in Uckfield, Horncastle House in East Grinstead, and Rapkyns Care Home in Horsham. All of these houses have nurses on call 24/7 to help patients whenever they need assistance.

One area SHC excels in is audiology care. SHC Audiology is one of the few audiology groups in the nation to receive accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. SHC also joined the Care Quality Commission to make sure their audiology group was providing the best care imaginable in the UK. Today, Sussex Health Care is actively working with the National Health Service (NHS) to improve its audiology care.

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Audiologists working at SHC excel in helping seniors with hearing and balance difficulties. Everyone working in the SHC Audiology department must know how to diagnose hearing conditions, correctly fit hearing aids, and provide aftercare services in line with the NHS’s guidelines. A few SHC homes also have dedicated Ear, Nose, and Throat clinics to help patients get the care they deserve. SHC has even created a Twitter feed for its audiology department to help improve communications between care providers and patients.

In addition to audiology, SHC offers many other services to make residents feel as comfortable as possible. A few of these services include reflexology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy. SHC also organizes fun events like cooking classes, art classes, and quizzes to encourage residents to get social and remain engaged in the community.

SHC offers special dementia care clinics for people suffering from neurological disorders. A few homes that have special dementia care units include Forest Lodge, Upper Mead, Longfield Manor, and Horncastle House. Caretakers in these clinics collect various items from their patients and create “memory boxes” and help dementia sufferers remember previous days and weeks. Various activities at these clinics such as art therapy and handcrafts are designed to help patients naturally improve their memory.

In 2002, SHC received accreditation from the UK’s Health Quality Service and soon afterwards gained the International ISO 9000:2000 standard for quality management.

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No Better Investment Than A Sure Thing

Investors all over the world are seeking for the right purchase that can bring them a wealth of rewards from the money they spend. This has also been the work of Gregory J. Aziz. The entrepreneur was able to bring together all of the right elements that will eventually put him down within the history books and for substantial business. Gregory James Aziz leadership bought National Steel Car when it was a sure thing from it’s then owner Dofasco.


The “sure thing” about National Steel Car comes from its business development that was established during the early ‘90s. The significant work of the agency from there on out forced James Aziz to purchase the company and to then operate it as standing CEO. The investment he saw at the time was a sure thing, and National Steel Car lives up to those expectations daily.



What Were The Penalties And Risks

The purchase of National Steel Car was a profitable venture for James Aziz, but it wasn’t an easy one. This professional had to first learn about the parameters of a safe investment and by entering the financial world with one, main objective. James Aziz had to know for sure whether his ultimate investment would leverage the kind of success that his opportunity proposed.


The end result is what we witness today. The National Steel Car firm is leading the Northern Hemisphere. The agency supplies the largest number of locomotive solutions and productivity in both Canada and the United States. The investment by Greg is describe as one that couldn’t fail. From our perspective looking in from out, the investment was certainly a sure thing.



The Ties Greg Developed To Secure His Purchase

Part of the success Gregory leveraged is because he also developed business ties in the world of finance. There’s no better understanding than the collective one, and there’s no better perspective than a professional one. The number of business ties made by Mr. Aziz were able to come through for the CEO and in a substantial way. See This Page for additional information.



This network of help enabled Greg to be as strategic as he could possibly be. The end result is a long-standing organization that shows the world what the price of a true investment really is. The long hours and constant research led Greg Aziz to uncover a diamond in the rough. The National Steel Car agency has expanded and continued to redefine locomotion since Gregory came into ownership of it.

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The Work of Greg J. Aziz

Most articles cover one person and claim that individual is the reason a company is successful. Usually, that one person is excited that they were even chosen. Gregory James Aziz is the kind of man who uses those articles to give credit to those who deserve it most: the employees.


For more than a decade, Greg Aziz has led National Steel Car as its most humble CEO. While many argue a humble personality isn’t exciting enough to talk about, Aziz’s success speaks for itself. In nearly every interview he’s done, he demonstrates his appreciation for the workforce by giving them credit whenever possible.


There aren’t a lot of CEOs that would give up credit to someone else. Aziz’s humble nature affords him many advantages over the more traditional CEOs. After joining the company in 1994, Aziz noticed the determination, trust, and commitment that National Steel employees work with.


Impressed by their fortitude, it pushes him to strive for greatness. He spends a lot of time figuring out ways to best serve the greater good of National Steel. Along the way, he’s earned himself quite the reputation as one of the best CEOs to ever lead National Steel Car.


Mr. Aziz has done a lot for National Steel. Thanks to his leadership, the company’s received 13 TTX SECO awards in the last 13 years. That’s an amazing record outshined only by the reason they’ve won the award that many times. Greg Aziz made so many improvements over the years; National Steel hasn’t missed a deadline in years.


Now, he’s focused on making the company’s future brighter. National Steel is already the number ranked steel car manufacturing in North America, but that’s not enough for Gregory Aziz. He will never get comfortable with past excellence; it’s what makes him perfect for the job. Visit This Page for additional information.


As for National Steel Car, it’s number one for many reasons. For a start, it’s over 100 years old. A company with that much experience is something that a lot of customers look for. It also has one of the best reputations for high-quality products.


Thanks to Aziz, it’s also known for its generosity. National Steel Car has been a part of Hamilton, Ontario for a long time. Every year, the company participates in Ontario food drives.

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New Executives Of Obsidian Energy Persevere Despite SEC Pressure

Obsidian Energy once tried to bend the rules of reporting their earnings, according to the stock trading block, Seeking Alpha. The company could not and did not avoid this accusation. The former management of the company quickly left. The new executives brought in to replace the ones who left did not commit the error. Despite the new crop of executives not committing the error that led to the reporting irregularities, the Securities and Exchange Commission insisted the company pay the $8.5 million dollar fine levied against them. The company paid the fine because there was little else they could do in that situation.


The Seeking Alpha blogger accuses the Canadian Securities and Exchange Commission of bullying the company into paying this fine. He believes the fine itself would be fine, as companies need to be held accountable for their actions. However, the SEC did not seem to be satisfied with making the company pay the fine. The company wanted the executives to publicly promise that Obsidian Energy would never make the same mistake again. The new executives did so, seeing no other options. It just seemed to be the easiest way to deal with the problem facing them. See This Page to learn more.



The problem has been resolved, but it does not seem to have hurt the company. Its stock prices continue to go up. Whether or not the SEC will return to hound the company again later is unknown, but it seems unlikely. Investors continue to trust Obsidian stock, and their employees work to make sure Canada and other countries have the supplies people need to cook their food and heat their homes. The company does not limit itself to oil only. It also delivers natural gas and other clean energy sources that help power the modern world and protect the environment for future generations. The Obsidian Energy was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


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The Career of 5AM Ventures Executive Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage is a longtime executive who has worked in the healthcare management and pharmaceutical industry. He has had a long and successful career managing and leading various organizations that have made a positive impact on healthcare. As of today, Scott is the managing partner of a company called 5AM Ventures. At his position of managing partner, Scott provides the overall direction and policies of the company. Before he was named the managing partner, Scott served as the venture partner as well. While holding this particular position, Scott would help set up deals that provide 5AM Ventures with the funding it needs to grow and expand on a regular basis.


Over the years, Scott Rocklage has held a number of top management positions at the many organizations he has worked with. These positions have enabled him to establish himself as a top leader of various companies. He has held positions which include chief executive officer, managing partner, venture partner and board chairman. Each of these positions have allowed Scott to demonstrate his leadership and help companies set and achieve goals. As the president and chief executive officer, Scott would help set objectives for companies and make sure that they get met consistently. He would also devise strategies in an effort to ensure that many tasks are done as well. When he held positions such as board chairman, Rocklage would work with executives and provide them with advice and guidance on how to best manage the organization.


What has allowed Scott to stand out as a top executive in the healthcare management industry is his leadership and expertise. Scott has often demonstrated an ability to successfully lead organizations. One of the most notable examples of his leadership was when he helped companies manufacture and distribute pharmaceuticals. Scott Rocklage helped companies make drugs and get them approved by the Food and Drug Administration. He also helped these companies put together a number of other drugs that are seeking approval as well. On a regular basis, Rocklage uses his experience and expertise to help provide direction to the companies he works with. Under his leadership, Scott has helped many companies establish themselves as successful enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry.


To learn more, visit http://5amventures.com/team/scott-m-rocklage-phd/.

An Overview Of Nutrisystem: What Do You Get For The Cost?


Most people want to find a highly rated diet, but many highly rated diets are expensive. Despite the fact that the plan requires that you eat four to five times a day, Nutrisystem is affordable.


Nutrisystem makes dining extremely convenient. The Nutrisystem diet includes meals that are already prepared. They are heated up in the microwave. The diet includes 2 snacks and 3 meals.


You will have to buy a few things outside of the plan. Some examples of things that you’ll need to buy outside of the plan are fruits and vegetables. Many people also purchase cheese sticks and low-fat yogurt.


The plan makes it possible to satisfy just about any craving! You can even eat foods that are usually high-calorie, such as Italian dishes. Choosing these dishes won’t stop you from losing weight on the diet.



A Comparison Of The Nutrisystem Meal Plans:


It is $9.82 per day for the basic plan. This is around 275 dollars per month. The plan includes free shipping along with a guarantee that you’ll lost 7 inches and 13 pounds within a month. However, the meals in this plan are pre-selected.


The Core Plan is one step above the basic plan. It is $10.54 per day. This plan is 295 dollars per month, and it comes with the same weight loss guarantee. However, you’ll also be able to pick your meals and be able to talk to registered counselors and dieticians.


The Uniquely Yours Plan is the best plan that Nutrisystem offers. It’s $11.96 a day, and this amounts to just under 335 dollars a month. It allows you to choose from more foods than any of the other plans, and it includes frozen foods.



How Does It Compare To Jenny Craig And Bistro MD?


Jenny Craig is more expensive and offers less benefits. Bistro MD does not provide any weight loss guarantees, and it’s also more expensive.

Check out PureHealthyLiving.net for a more in depth breakdown of Nutrisystem costs and fees versus net benefits.

Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy is a mid-sized oil and gas producer. Obsidian’s high-quality assets and commitment to bottom-line results has netted the company nearly thirty thousand boe a year. Its entrepreneurial spirit and relentless passion is what gives the company the drive to succeed. Its disciplined workforce helps the company speed up its organizational needs and growth. Being a company of accountability is also important for Obsidian Energy, both to its shareholders and to the communities at large. This should make every shareholder happy, I would think. As well, as the communities in which the company works in. Succeeding in an ever-evolving industry is at the forefront for Obsidian Energy.


David French who took over as CEO of Obsidian Energy has already made a clear and lasting impact on the company. He has spearheaded a total reorganization of the company from the top to the bottom and streamlined its operations. He has eliminated the majority of the company’s debt from three billion dollars, down to only just under three hundred and ninety million dollars. That is very impressive in my opinion. He has established the company on a path to sustainability, focusing the company’s operation on only a handful of the company’s portfolio of assets. He has also streamline employment at the company to a steady three to four hundred workers. With all of the changes that have been made David French found that the company no longer fit the old Penn West Petroleum name, and set out to change it. He was able to garner the support of nearly ninety two percent of its shareholders. With this in mind the name was changed to Obsidian Energy. Obsidian was named after the volcanic glass that can be sharpened and honed. Read This Article for related information.


David French is no stranger to the oil and gas industry. He previously worked for Bankers Petroleum. He has also been part of management or served as consultant to companies such as Apache Corporation and McKinsey and Company. He also holds a Bachelors and a MBA. I don’t think the company could have found a more qualified individual to run Obsidian Energy.


View Source: https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/industry-news/energy-and-resources/penn-west-shareholders-approve-name-change-to-obsidian-energy/article35463586/?ref=http://www.theglobeandmail.com&

Things You Should Know about Joel Friant’s Habanero Shaker

Habanero refers to a variety of chili pepper that is normally green but gets hotter and colors as it matures to mostly red and orange when it ripens. For growers of habanero, their greatest worry is to know when they are ripe for picking. There are general rules to follow, but most of the packets for habanero seeds will come with instructions. However, the average timing is eight to ten weeks before you can start harvesting.

On harvesting, it’s required that you keep safe by using a knife or garden clippers to protect your hands from hot peppers and the plant from damaging. The oils of the peppers can be irritating to sensitive skin hence it’s advisable to wash your hands before touching your face or eyes. Remember always to harvest when the plants are dry to avoid spreading disease whether there are signs of disease or not.

To be sure the habanero peppers are done growing, you will notice how easily they pull off the plant, and there will be a tiny brown line forming on the peppers. Pick peppers as soon as they are ripe to enable maximum harvest and any unripe ones picked by mistake can be placed on a window until they ripen. The habanero doesn’t do well with cold weather hence they usually die when exposed to low temperatures. Pick them if there is a risk of freezing.

Joel Friant is behind the habanero shaker who introduced the original Habanero shaker almost two decades ago. He ceased production for some time but has been back and is offering the product on Amazon. It makes an excellent gift for ‘hot lovers’ as he puts it. Joel Friant also shares information on the health benefits and healing properties of habanero pepper as explained by Henry J. Thomson. From the discussion, it’s noted that habanero can fight cancer, diabetes, erectile dysfunction as well as heart disease.

A good pepper offers both heat and flavor at the same time, and habanero offers a combination that makes it more popular.

An Inside Look At AvaTrade Review Shows Many Benefits For Traders

The rise in popularity among cryptocurrency has started to impact traditional CFD brokerage firms. Cryptocurrencies have encryption techniques that they use to control how currency is transferred. This type of digital currency has grown in popularity because it operates independently. Cryptocurrency is hard to manipulate and investors are intrigued by the possibility of lucrative trading.

AvaTrade is one of the original Forex brokers to offer bitcoin trading in the United Kingdom. AvaTrade is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland, Japan’s Financial Services Commission, and the British Virgin Islands Services Commission, among others. Through its trading platforms, AvaTrade offers over 200 financial instruments.

Once you have met the initial standards to open a trading account, you are free to trade bitcoins. You will have to download AvaTrader or MetaTrader 4. You also have the option of simply using AvaTrade’s web based services. You can buy or sell bitcoins as the value increases or decreases.

AvaTrade gives traders the opportunity to earn unique bonuses and promotions. Traders have access to different resources to help them learn more information about the financial instruments. AvaTrade has customer support staff in over 30 countries throughout the World. The staff is available to assist you around the clock.

About AvaTrade

The AvaTrade platform is easy to use and accessible. There are different trading tools, charts, and instruments that traders can use to help them be successful on the market. Traders can download AvaTrade Act to their computer or they can install the mobile phone app.

AvaOptions helps traders analyze the markets to figure out ways that they can use their experience to be successful. Traders can enhance their trading with different Forex pairs. Traders will also have buy and sell options for up to a year.