Jingdong Memberships For More Rewards And Points

The Difference JD Plus Makes for it Members

JD.com proves that it has more to offer than one-billion listed products. JD makes the most of its market share with rewards for loyal customers. Its Premium option divvies out points as members collect credits with every buy. Points convert to real money, and 70 percent of all members will renew their accounts.

It’s the ongoing success; consistent feedback has led JD.com to expand on the “JD-Premium” program. What’s unfolding now builds off a simple strategy to partner with brands from around the world. Members get special perks on different sites if holding Premium. Cross promoting is doing wonders for Jingdong. Go To This Page for additional information.

Users want a view of a larger world, brands that are easy to access and recognition for their loyalty. Zhihu is an option for JD.com members now.

Having accounts at both JD.com and Zhihu holds a few benefits.

What is Zhihu, and How is it Used?

 “Zhihu” is a Chinese variation to what Reddit is to the United States. These platforms, with a Q&A structure, resemble sites like Quora.com. Thriving communities are found on each site. The interaction, the lax feel and the shared voices are infectious.

Zhihu stores books and live media covering topics of all kinds. Every month, the platform hosts over 250-million page views. Users upload questions, input answers and edit the content as they need to. Working with JD.com gives these surfers more reasons to use Zhihu and vice versa.

A Look at the New Rewards and Benefits to Unfold

Consider these perks for registered accounts with Jingdong or Zhihu:

E-books on Demand

E-books on Demand: Roughly 10,000 books store on Zhihu’s platform, and these aren’t available to the public.

All in Realtime

All in Realtime: Zhihu’s popularity makes some of its streaming private, so imagine sitting in on premiere Q&A sessions done live.


Audiobooks: Listed is a batch of 600 audiobooks that you get premium access to.


Access: The use of these perks are free for members who hold accounts with JD.com and Zhihu.


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The Journey Attribute Of JD.com From Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu is a successful businessman as well as a renowned entrepreneur in China. He is the founder and CEO of one of the largest retail e-commerce company in China, JD.com. The company is also the leading online business by revenue. JD.com offers a variety of products ranging from electronics to fresh human foods and offers same or next day delivery to it’s over a hundred million active customers. The firm also continuously utilize cutting edge technology to innovate new solutions for the global economic environment.

Richard Liu was born in China, in Suqian town and his early life was common as of other many families in the region. His parent were coal transporters and instilled essential values of hard work, proper education and encouraged their son to succeed in his all endeavors. After completing secondary level education, Richard Liu enrolled at The People`s University of China where he studied and graduated with a Bachelor`s degree in Sociology. Though Richard Liu focused on his chosen call, he felt the need to expanding his skill to fit for future competitive employment opportunities. Thus, he taught himself computer coding as well as other computer science studies.

Upon graduation, Richard Liu first experience in business happened in Japan Life, a national provider of natural supplements. Here he utilized his previously learned computer skills leading to growth opportunities and eventually gained promotion to head computer department in the company. In 1998, he left his previous employment to undertake entrepreneurial calling fully. He started by setting up a small store in Beijing town selling magneto-optical appliances, a business which grew and transformed to become the online world empire which is valued to worth billions of US dollars. Go Here for additional information.

Within the first five years, Richard Liu had managed to turn his initial investment into a twelve brick-and-mortar store which he named Jingdong. His main ingredient to this rapid growth was his association to customers and exemplary services he offered. In 2003, it was an unlucky year for Richard Liu and the entire business persons in China due to the outbreak of SARS. Although many businesses were paralyzed, the condition gave Liu another shift in marketing strategy, and he established an online retail shop.

Today, JD.com stands at about $60 billion whereas his personal net worth is about 12.7 billion. And in 2017, Richard Liu became a “Variety500 Honoree” as a result of his persistence, innovation, and hard work. During his free time, the billionaire loves to either spend time with his family or volunteering at Red Cross.


Additional reference: http://richardliuofficial.com/


Louis Chenevert renowned Entrepreneur Shares His Insightful Business Ideas

Louis Chenevert Professional Background

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian citizen and business icon. He had essential leadership skills and blessed with the ability to acquire more wealth for himself. Loius graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in commerce. He is alumni of Universite de Montreal. Currently, he serves as the chairman and founding director of the board at the university.

Louis Chenevert is a lucky man; he has a super-achieving personality. He has spearheaded the success of various companies in his entire life. Louis was hired at St. Theresa as general production manager. One success leads to another, in 1993, he joined Pratt and Whitney. He also served as the president of the company before moving to explore more opportunity.

The former CEO and the chairman of United Technologies Corporation have built a reputation for himself. He relates with other in a friendly manner. His communication skills are remarkable. He is a resourceful and reliable person. For these reasons, Goldman Sachs hired him as a senior industry advisor.

Louis Chenevert Gives Insightful Tips to Businessmen

Louis Chenevert noted that investing in your employees is a fundamental factor that triggers the success of the business. Along with investing in modern technology or seeking assistance from the other companies the success of the company is positively related with conducive working environment. Always ensure the employees enjoy working for you he affirmed. Office politics are threats to the success of the companies. Promoting the spirit of teamwork among the co-workers through team building exercises and creating a room for having fun during tea and lunch break is essential.

Employees feel a sense of pride when they are appreciated for their excellent work. They work extra harder to be nominated for more awards. The manager can issue gifts, money or an afternoon off to the performing employees. Companies with programs that support employees to advance their level of education by chipping in and partial pay their school fees are likely to experience positive growth.

Continuous training programs within the companies help to improve the skills of the employees; the training can prepare the employees to handle more delicate duties instead of hiring new ones. New employees go through an orientation process if the existing employees are promoted it helps to save time and resource used when recruiting new ones. Promotion based on performance merits motivates other.

Liu Qiangdong Profile


Liu Qiangdong is the founder and the CEO of JD.com, a Chinas ecommerce company. He is termed as entrepreneurial genius because of his self-made story of success. His business savvy actively serves more than 100 million shoppers and employs the cutting edge technology to invent new technologies for its worldwide economic environment.

Liu Qiangdong was born in china. His parents did coal shipping and worked tirelessly to make sure that their son gets the right quality of education. Through their parents’ character of hardworking, he worked harder in school and excelled on endeavors. The joined the Peoples University in china to study sociology program attaining his first bachelor degree. He saw the benefit of expanding his horizons for the purpose of competitive employment opportunities in future. He managed to study some of computer coding basics by himself.

Liu was employed by Japanese company, a natural supplement provider after finishing school. He too rented a small retail shop in Beijing china. He sold some basic products and also did exemplary service for the customers, managed ease of transaction and also used technology to stream business ventures. View Additional Info Here.

Due to competition within the business, he decided to set himself from the other competitive vendor through selling of only products which are authorized. Some of the products sold by his competitive vendors were faux and of poor quality. He did this only to gain trust and loyalty of his customers who recommended his products as high quality and authenticated.

Within a short period of time in business, Liu Qiangdong changed his original investment into a more profiting chain of his magneto-optical retail shop. As many of the business tirelessly struggled to gain profitable outputs mostly in their original years, his business acquired success growth and also expansion. His traditional business was mostly profiting with twelve retail stations.

China’s SARS outbreak gave instant changes in mostly of retail environment, this affected the whole country of china and was termed as devastating to many small businesses. Liu Qiangdong capability to adapt to changing environment in market places, his business experienced a success strategy and consequently changed into an industry.


Visit him on https://jdcorporateblog.com/about-liu-qiangdong/

Steve Ritchie Spearheads Papa John’s “Diversity Training”


As the CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is very determined to change the course of the Pizza chain, which has been on the decline since early last year. One of Ritchie’s effort to redeem the image of the company from the slump is by doing a diversity training on its employees. Ritchie announced that the reason for this training is due to bad diversity practices which are uncovered during his investigation in all of its branches in the United States.

Daniela Galarza from Eater.com compared the Diversity Practices to what Starbucks did a couple of years ago to alleviate the backlash because of a commotion that happened to one of its Philadelphia branches. Steve Ritchie also made it clear that he has three priorities while he’s leading Papa John’s International, and those three are diversity, equity, and inclusion.

According to Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s, the training that will be made is an “unconscious bias training” and everyone the company, including the executive employees, are going to participate. The training will also serve as a way to make the employees of Papa John’s have a better working relationship with each other. Ritchie also announced his plans to make the leadership team more diverse. Visit This Page for more information about Steve Ritchie.

Under Steve Ritchie’s leadership, the decline that happened from the first to third quarter of 2018 was alleviated in each quarter. According to QSR Magazine, the pizza chain started to recover in the last quarter last year due to the new marketing efforts released. Q1 get a -5.3 decline, Q2 got a -6.1 decline, the third quarter is the worst with -9.8 declines. During the last quarter of 2018, its sales started to bounce back, with a recorded decline of -7.3.

In addition to this, Papa John’s managed to secure funding worth $200 million with the help of Starboard Value LP. Half of this funding is planned to be used to finance its five strategic priorities: people, brand, value, technology, and unit economics. The other half of the funding will be used for financing the debt of the company. Because of this funding, Starboard’s CEO Jeffrey Smith has been added as the chairman of Papa John’s.


View source: https://www.eater.com/2018/8/24/17777116/papa-johns-diversity-training-john-schnatter



Getting To Know Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson from Nashville, Tennessee began his love for music at a tender age. After earning his bachelor’s degree in theatre design from Central Michigan University; he worked with several live entertainment companies rising to the ranks of a project manager. After harnessing skills from roles he assumed in these companies, Clay decides to venture on his own. Based on his passions and self-belief he established a firm that designs, produces and manages concerts.

His continuous efforts and sleepless nights would soon pay off as Clay has been able to complete many managerial and technical responsibilities for renowned performers including Guns N’ Roses, Pink, Kid Rock just to mention a few.

What made you start your own firm?

After assuming several positions while working for the entertainment companies, I was able to mount large tones of experience. Also after seeing my impact on these companies, I thought it was time to put my will attest. I can say for sure, it was a big risk venturing on my own, but after all, business is about taking risks.

What do you think attracts new clients to you?

Most importantly I do not shy away from hard work. I often find myself working for long hours and am always the first at the stage. I also pay attention even to the smallest of detail leaving no stone unturned. This I believe has helped me build a reputation with my clients.

What virtues and habits do you think are behind your success?

I am always up and ready way before time always counter checking my work to make sure it meets my clients’ desires. Another thing, am also able to manage my crew through proper management and planning which enhances efficiency and productivity which are very important in any kind of job.

What can you say about the ever-changing trends in the music industry?

The times are changing and technology diversifying. In order to meet and satisfy my clients its important for me to keep up with these new developments. This I can admit the new technology is exciting.


Victoria Doramus’ Established Foundations


Victoria Doramus is a known philanthropist in New York. As from 2016, she has mainly focused and volunteered in many charities to help the vulnerable but the most noticed one is establishing a rehabilitation center to help those who are struggling with drug. Some of the charities include Room to Read, Amy Winehouse Foundation among many others.


Amy Winehouse Foundation is one of the organization Victoria Doramus established to prevent and reduce the drug’s effect among the youths. She has got experience on how drugs can make and individual life very miserable as she struggled with it during her early age. This organization mainly educate the young generation on the effects of addiction. The organization emerged from known artist called Amy who unfortunately passed at the age of 27 years. Friends and relative saw a need of coming up with this organization to help those who are struggling hard with drugs.


Apart from Amy Winehouse, Victoria Doramus as greatly contributed to the success of Women’s prison Association. This association accommodates over forty thousand women in jails and prisons within New York who have been judged with crimes that relate with drugs and properties. Most of these are living below the poverty level and the organization is trying to give an alternate solution rather than just being arrested. These women are helped to reduce their addiction and also are provided with room to meet their kids and guidance and counselling on how to live well in the community. Additionally, they are train on skills for household that help them once they are out and will be able to make both ends meet. View More Information Here.


Victoria Doramus has been working closely with a non-profit organization called Room to Read which was established in 2000. The main focus lies on children where they are aiming at bringing gender equality to the society especially in the field of education. She is passionate at training girls who are still in high schools on skills to survive in once they are out of school. Ever since its foundation, it has benefited more than twenty thousand communities. These include Jordan, Indonesia, India and some countries in Africa like Tanzania.


More about Victoria Doramus: https://weeklyopinion.com/2018/08/recovery-expert-victoria-doramus-reveals-beat-addiction/




Steve Ritchie is Working Hard To Secure The Reputation Of Papa John’s


Papa John’s International is a very popular brand in the American market. The organization has been thriving for decades, but the past few months have been tough for the company. Fortunately, the company has a new chief executive officer who is working hard to make things fall in the rightful place. Steve Ritchie is a popular professional in the pizza.

His portfolio shows that the business executive has been in the industry since he left school many decades ago. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns’ expertise has helped him to navigate the market despite the presence of so many hardships. Papa John ‘s has had challenges because of its reputation. The earnings have been dropping despite the hard work all the company workers have been putting on.

Steve Ritchie now wants to make all his workers wiser so that a similar scenario is no longer experienced in the future. The executive has asked all the company employees to strictly attend diversity training so that they can have the right skills to communicate and handle people from all cultures. Go To This Page for additional information.

The troubles that have been hitting Steve Richie PapaJohns have been linked to racial remarks made by a top official. Steve Richie PapaJohns, the new chief executive in the prestigious firm has addressed all his franchisees, members of staff and even the customers, telling them how his company is working to ensure that the future doesn’t get worse. Diversity is a primary feature in the success of new businesses in the United States. When Steve Ritchie got his prestigious role, he decided that he was going to be keen on equity, opportunities, respect and even fairness. Everyone should be included in the progress and activities that are being carried out in the successful firm.

The strategy that has been acquired by Steve Ritchie is very effective. One coffee brand that had similar problems started to exercise it last year, and the results were amazing. The coffee brand had mistakenly called the police when two black customers were enjoying their coffee in the restaurant. When the public learnt about the incidence, there was so much uproar, and everyone was willing to boycott their products until they started to embrace diversity by training all their workers.


More about Steve Richie PapaJohns: https://www.facebook.com/papajohnsus/posts/an-open-letter-from-steve-ritchie-papa-johns-ceo-httpspjpizzaletter/10156059624187639/


Robert Diegnan’s Life as an Enterpreneur

Robert Diegnan is the CEO and Co-Founder of ATS Digital services, a company that assists its customers with any of their technological concerns. The ATS digital service provider is a global enterprise. The innovation of Robert Diegnan has aided consumers with a variety of issues.

Robert Diegnan was born to a family that resided at Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Robert schooled at the Purdue University on a football scholarship. Diegnan graduated from the university with a degree in Organizational Leadership. In the years of 1997 and 1998, he had joined the Miami Dolphins and NY jets respectively. After a short career in football, Robert co-founded Fanlink Inc. This was one of his first ventures into the field of entrepreneurship. But this did not compel Robert to leave sports as he currently participates in offshore fishing tournaments. Diegnan currently resides at the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area with his family; wife and son.

Robert points out that the idea behind the founding of the ATS Digital services was came up from another company that he worked for. Before ATS Digital services he and his business patners at an Anti-Malware Software company where they encountered technical issues with their software installation on user’s machine. They set up a telephone number at their download page for efficient communication with their clients to seek out the problem. Via these conversations, they figured out that the Malware products were blocking the installation of their software. Robert and his colleagues came up with a strategy of having in-house technical support agents who would remotely connect to the clients machine to help remove the Malware that was blocking software installation.

This made the realization of that strategy to be a great success making the clients happy and satisfied with their services. With the success of the strategy they started charging the service for its efficacy. When time for Robert and his colleagues to depart from the Anti-Malware company, they felt that utilizing the remote connection tech would be a great opportunity to help clients fix their computers and a great business opportunity for those apt to providing the services.


Doe Deere Living Her Dream

Doe is an entrepreneur who is the founder of Poppy Angeloff and Jewelry Company and also founder of cruelty-free cosmetic brand. Doe is a successful woman who is blessed with the great skill of designing and creating products that embrace modernity and enhancing beauty. She recently re-discovered the art of making vintage jewelry that was inspired by her family heirloom. This resulted in diversity in her industry in that it now ranges from cosmetics to jewelry. The Victorian era is said to have driven her recent discovery.

Internet beauty has a great connection to her new brand. This is evident since she aims at creating jewelry that can be worn by everyone. The entrepreneur’s journey began back in 2008 at her husband’s apartment where she basically dealt with fashion. At that time she owned a fashion line with classy trends. With the inability to afford models, she was her own model which curved her to her first moment of popularity. She became known for her wonderfully done make up that was a combination of beautifully blended vibrant colors which steered her to venture the makeup business. It seemed impossible to others and also to herself by then but she was bound to take the risk.

With inspirations from her own sister to stop imagining things and to start living her dreams, she is now an inspiration to many women as well as girls showing them that there is self-worth in looking spectacular. Doe Deere raised from ashes and began with no connections. She started just as a mere manufacturer and operated her small company for about 10 years with the help of her husband before selling it. Throughout her transitions, appreciation has been her anchor. She has been a positive impact on lives as she has survived struggles in her early ages. This proves that success is a journey. She is now guided by her passion in her field, taking risks and also being a customer to others as well. To wrap it up colors inspire her work, emotions, and livelihood.