The Come Back of Bradesco Bank with Luiz Carlos

     Our careers are very important to us. It is basically what we live to do. It is, therefore, vital that we make the right decisions to grow them. Patience is an indispensable ingredient in growing the career. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has improved his skills in the industry by following these virtues. He is currently the CEO of the Bradesco in Brazil, which is ranked second in the banking sector.

The Bradesco had been the dominating banking facility in Brazil for a long time, until the rise of Itau Unibanco. The latter almost offset the stability of the Bradesco bank. It is really scary when you realize that the long-term relationships that took you forever to grow are being affected. They had to act to get their grip on the market. One of their moves was to appoint Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the CEO of the company.

Luiz was the right person for the position. Many factors made him qualified for the job. For instance, the time he had been in the firm. Luiz Carlos had been serving the company for more than 40 years. He, therefore, understood the culture and the mission of the bank, which made it easier for him to know the places that needed adjustment.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is also a great leader. When he was in the banking insurance sector, he did so great. The firm improved tremendously despite the many politics and external factors that were working against it. As a result, in 2003 and 2007, Luiz got the Insurance Personality of the Year. Good leadership qualities are paramount in every organization if it has to be successful.

The time of the appointment of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, as the CEO of the company did not come at a good time. Many firms were going out of business as a result of the financial crisis. The competitors in the sector were also significantly growing. The shares of the company were reducing.

Luiz, however, was able to bring the company back to life. One way to help Bradesco gain leverage was through acquisitions. However, the small organizations were not ready to be bought off by the premium companies. This did not stop Luiz from trying. Finally, he acquired the Brazilian branch of HSBC at $5.2 billion. By so doing, the Bradesco Bank regained their dominance bank and beat its competitors in all aspects. The Bradesco Bank is confident that they will be able to maintain these standards with Luiz as their CEO.

Hussain Sajwani: Investing in the Food Business and the Real Estate Sector

Hussain Sajwani is known as one of the wealthiest billionaires in the UAE. He is the founder of DAMAC Properties, a leading real estate and property developer in the Middle East.

According to Forbes Middles East, after he graduated from the University of Washington, the young Hussain Sajwani decided to move back to the UAE to look for a job in the oil and petroleum industry. He found a job at GASCO, but he thought that the monthly salary he receives is not enough to make him rich. He decided to quit early and thought about building his own business instead. Hussain Sajwani purchased a small space that is located near a US Army Base and an engineering company called Bechtel. He noticed the influx of people every day and thought that establishing a catering business would be the best idea. He started his business in the 1980s, and it became a popular eating place for the US Army soldiers and the employees of Bechtel. Because of the success of his business, Hussain Sajwani earned his first millions, and he also allowed franchises of his company to open up in other states in the Middle Eastern, Africa, and Central Asia.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani decided to attend a conference being sponsored by the UAE government. The attendees were encouraged by the government to help them in transforming Dubai into the UAE’s commercial and tourism hub. Hussain Sajwani developed an interest in supporting the UAE government, and he founded DAMAC Properties using the money he saved from his catering business. The DAMAC Properties was launched in 2002, and it became an instant hit among the developers across the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani also involved himself in the construction of several luxury residential complexes across Dubai, and he also promoted his business in key cities across the Middle East. He talked more about this in an interview with

Today, the DAMAC Properties is developing a golf course, in partnership with the United States President Donald J. Trump. The gigantic golf course is expected to open in late 2018, and according to Hussain Sajwani, the golf course would include hotels, restaurants, and other amenities that would cater to the tourists who wanted to visit the area.

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Talk Fusion App Allows Real Tim Communication on Video

Engadget, a leading online news platform in the technology sector published Jesse Boskoff’s article “Does the Talk Fusion App Live Up to the Hype?” The article discusses the latest venture of Talk Fusion, a video marketing company. The company has added a mobile app to its long lists of products, hoping to make it easier for companies to connect with their audience through video.


Talk Fusion was created in 2007 by Bob Reina. Their products are dedicated to helping companies build engagement and a significant online presence to create more sales while still encouraging loyalty to the brand. The main way they can accomplish this is through emails and newsletters that incorporate video. Their video marketing and conferencing platform makes it easy for companies to improve their relationships with their clients and customers while also reducing their costs for marketing and advertising. A key difference between Talk Fusion and its competitors is their mass market appeal. Talk Fusion is for entrepreneurs as well as big companies, allowing people to differentiate themselves from their competition. Reina also suggests that video is one of the best online marketing mediums in the digital marketing world at the moment.


Talk Fusion provides all the video marketing needs under one roof. It provides analytics, organization for contacts, integrated video marketing, and video email campaign schedules all with a single login. He also reveals that one of the most important innovations in the video marketing industry at the moment is the WebRTC, or real-time communication. The technology has created a seismic shift in the industry and was key to the integration of their app.


Talk Fusion released their app, the Fusion on the Go, to allow their clients to have that real-time video communication. It can be downloaded on Apple products and Android systems, provided it uses a 4.4.3 system. The app allows people to create videos directly in the app or upload older ones and send them directly from their mobile device to their clients. This allows their clients to use their video marketing campaigns from anywhere with access to 4G or Wi-Fi. Once the video is uploaded in the app, people can choose from a variety of templates to create a cohesive marketing message.


Reina also suggests that people can use the apps to make personal calls as well. The video in the app allows people to call each other regardless of the device that they use, unlike other video messaging platforms.


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HCR Wealth Advisors – Welcoming Your Investment Portfolio

Seasoned investors of today predict an increasingly volatile market in 2018. With the common belief in the past of a low volatility market one year that is followed by high volatility the next, experts are asking investors to prepare for high volatility. As volatility is the enemy, expert investors suggest that a personalized investment strategy is put into place versus a general one.

According to, in 2017, S&P 500 delivered an incredible 21.7% return, which accounted for a great year for stock investors. Many experts have been victims of highly volatile markets that were followed by a year of low volatility. As they are always a running faucet when it comes warning stock investors, companies like HCR Wealth Advisors are stepping in and offering a viable way to build wealth in such condition. Navigating through a highly volatile economic environment can be a difficult adventure to partake in. But it is not impossible.

An active relationship with an investor to understand their direction in the stock market is vital in a highly volatile market. Passively managing your investment portfolio in such condition is grounds for disaster and a professional and knowledgeable wealth advisor is fully aware of this claim. As investors, getting the most out of the economy is the idea, both in its current and future conditions. Sometimes doing this isn’t as easy as knowing. HCR Wealth Advisors have been working with clients since 1988, and today they are still managing investor’s portfolios and helping their clients create wealth and achieve their financial goals in the process.

Experts suggest that investors think optimistically and cautiously with the right wealth advisor who takes each case differently, per client needs and goals, knows the market, calculates risks and capitalizes. The sky’s the limit no matter how volatile the market presents itself. Capitalizing on the market based on market signs that are rarely noticed by the average joe [and even by many seasoned vets as well] is a value that investors should highly consider for their investments. HCR Wealth Advisors welcome all new investors to try their investment portfolio services. A decision such as this one poses low risks, as HCR Wealth Advisors have a worked with hundreds of clients. Contact HRC Wealth today on Twitter or on Facebook.

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Gregory Aziz And The National Steel Car

Ambition without knowledge is like a ship on land. Most people are never successful because they do not care about what will happen next if their lives were to be evaluated. One man who has defied all the odds and proven to the world that when you get the right people around you, especially family and friends, then you will definitely make it. Greg Aziz one man who has had ambitions to succeed ever since he was a young man. He was born into a family that was deeply rooted in entrepreneurship. His parents ran a food store that imported foodstuffs from Europe, South America and Eastern Canada as well. Currently, he is not only the Chief executive officer but also the president as well as the chairman of chairman of the company.


His higher education began at Ridley College. He later joined the Western Ontario University, where he specialized in economics. Since his main vision and goal was to own his own business, he decided to join the family business and assist in running the venture. During his time at the family business, there was a lot of traction and output that had never been witnessed before. The profits were maximized, and the work output was increased. He literally took their business to the next level.


After gaining all the experience that he needed, he moved to a New York-based. After a few years of working, Greg Aziz managed to revive the company back to its glory. The number of output units rose from 3,500 units all the way up to about 12,000 units in a span of 8 years. Furthermore, the number of employees went up from 600 employees to 3,000 employees.


The statistics above reveal who the type of person that Gregory Aziz is. Greg is ambitious, determined and always focused on the end results. Additionally, he is a family man who takes his family seriously. He puts his family fast despite the fact that he is a very busy man. Moreover, he has taken part in many philanthropic activities around the globe. National Steel car has given out money and other support to the less fortunate in the society and across the world. The funds have been transferred through organizations such as the Salvation Army, Hamilton Foundation among other well-known charity foundations in the world. Therefore, from him, one can learn that success is a journey.

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Meet Jed McCaleb, A Prolific Figure In The Revitalization Of The World’s Financial Sector

Jed McCaleb is one of the most significant people who had helped bring light to the eyes of many people in the financial industry even when some things seemed impossible to them. Many people in the villages or the rural areas with the lowest income levels had believed that the banking systems and other money transfer programs are for the rich people because of the many procedures involved in the opening of such accounts and the vast amounts of initial deposits that they could not afford.

Jed McCaleb founded Stellar, the online financial network company that has enhanced participation of all the groups of people in the economy in the financial sector. The idea of Stellar came to him while he was working with the first-bit coin exchange, Mt. Gox, to who he was also its funder. He realized that although bitcoin facilitates the movement of currency from one person to another, it only considered the legit group in the society leaving out the low-income earners.

He, therefore, decided to create literacy in the financial industry through Stellar that would serve all the types of people even in the rural areas. For example, the company opened currency transfer facilities in about two hundred villages in Nigeria serving hundreds of people in the country. He said that this is what Stellar is meant to do, to engage the desperate people in the financial sector especially those who find it difficult to deal with bank accounts because f their low literacy levels that makes it difficult when it comes to filling up f too many papers in the banks. More details can be read on CNBC.

This is not the first time that he tried to intervene in the technology sector to improve the lives f people through the creation of efficiency. He was the founder of the eDonkey, the early file transfer software that enabled the transfer of files between multiple people within a short period. To know more about McCaleb’s career in cryptocurrency, check out his LinkedIn page.

According to how he expresses himself in one of his interviews, it is evident that he has only the scratched the ground of what he wants to accomplish through his interest in the blockchain technology. He says that he is interested in the Artificial Intelligence which he believes that if people embrace it, the world will be in a better place in the coming years.

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Meet the Founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics: Clay Siegall

We all have different passions and obsessions. This is what inspires us and keeps us chasing our goals even when things are tough. Clay Siegall, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics, was inspired by his compassion for the individuals living with chronic diseases like cancer.

Clay Siegall saw his father succumb to cancer when he was young. He says that it wasn’t living with cancer that hurt his father but the effect of the chemotherapy sessions. He felt there had to be a better way to handle the situation. This is what led to his establishment of Seattle Genetics. They aim at coming up with therapy drugs to help patients like his father. He also admits that the great returns in the business prompted him to start the business.

Clay Siegall now runs a company that deals with seven-figure deals. He says that apart from referrals, they get clients by dining and wining. This is what makes the business exciting. He explains that they spend most time negotiating and convincing their clients.

Clay Siegall says that the sales persons are the face of the company. How they represent themselves to the world is how the world sees the firm. It is, therefore, critical that investors are careful about who they send out there. He says that in 2000, they hired a very professional sales team which got them meaningful deals. They ensure that their salespeople understand how everything in the company works. They can, therefore, be helpful to the clients.

Clay Siegall did not start enjoying the success that he is experiencing in business today in his early business days. It took him time to become profitable. Clay Siegall says that it took him ten years to start enjoying the financial success. It is, therefore, important that you stick to your goals and trust that you are going to get to the end when the time is right.

Clay Siegall says that what makes him successful is hard work. He explains that everything else like education and IQ is secondary. What makes a man successful is the ability to focus and passion for working and achieving your goals.

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Trusted Leadership With Confidence: Heather Russell

TransUnion, the famed credit powerhouse has just received a very accomplished legal executive. Heather Russell has become the Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer for TransUnion. This is surely a moment of accomplishment and excellence within the credit powerhouse.

As having a wide background of banking experience, Heather Russell held executive level positions at Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank, and the Bank of New York Mellon. During her tenure at Fifth Third Bank, she held the title of Vice President, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Legal Officer. Among many other positions with the above-mentioned banks, she was the noted Global Chief Regulatory Counsel for the Bank of New York Mellon. Many volumes can be written of her background and qualifications, it stands to say that TransUnion has just acquired a very phenomenal executive to their team. Having the title of Chief legal officer, her knowledge of legal matters is wide and dependable.

With the banking side discussed, her legal experience stems from the prominent law firm Berkeley Sander, LLP. While traveling between the New York and Washington, DC offices, she became a very accomplished and valuable partner to the firm. Since 2016 she was the head of the Financial Institutions Regulation, Supervision and Technology (FIRST) program. This is a practice that assisted clients such as big banks, financial, and various other institutions as well. Well experienced defines Heather Russell.

Education is obviously her foundational piece and Heather Russell. Having obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology and English from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. Many more educational attainments took place that would eventually lead her to become an Adjunct Professor at Boston University School of Law. She is clearly a qualified choice today for the position of Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President.

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Hussain Sajwani Uses Three Principles to Keep DAMAC On Top

Hussain Sajwani is a savvy businessman. The founder of DAMAC properties has made billions in the real-state world, hob-knobbed with important people, and given back to the community around him. He attributes his success to the friendships he makes, his outgoing personality, and a three-step strategy his business strictly follows.

The principles that DAMAC follows aided the company in getting through the 2008 crash. The first principle is to refrain from holding any debts for land. When dealing with DAMAC the land has to be 100% purchased at the onset of the project. Land is very important in business dealing, doing the wrong thing in regards the land can have dire consequences. Just ask the McDonald’s brothers.

The second principle is for all projects to support themselves. DAMAC does not borrow against other projects to facilitate the needs of their current project. They are not interested in recording losses. So, all of DAMAC’s escrow accounts are independent. No cash transfers allowed between the accounts, each one has to work to get is bread.

The third principle is to hold cash reserves. “We use government or fixed bonds,” Sajwani explains, “It is sufficient enough that it supports any market changes.” Each of these principles has helped DAMAC survive and rise to the top. Currently it is regarded as a top company by numerous sources including Forbes.

Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, began his career in finance, working in the finance department of Abu Dhabi Gas Industry. He left the gas industry for the gastrointestinal industry, creating a catering venture serving both the U.S. and Bechtel. In 2001 the law confining foreigners from owning land lifted, and Sajwani carried his business into the real estate world. By 2002 he had founded DAMAC and was managing a slew of locations. The rest is simply history. Sajwani on IG: @hussainsajwani

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An Anti-Aging Regimen that Actually Works

The story of Jeunesse Global started on September 9, 2009 by a financially empowered twosome of successful entrepreneurs: Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. While they had lapsed into the comforts of retirement, both had thought that there were better ways to spend their remaining years. Together, the duo jointly put their brilliance together under the symbolic definition of the number 9 with hopes of bringing longevity and wholesome wellness to people all over the world.

Today, Jeunesse Global has been established as one of the most rapidly growing companies in its platform, and this owes partly to the multi-level marketing construction of their business model as well as the effectiveness of their Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), the cornerstone product in their arsenal. Today, the Jeunesse Family stands as a running testament to the power of “yes”. Can you reclaim your youth and protect it for years to come? Indeed you can!

It’s All in the Approach

Jeunesse recognized one detail that many such companies fail to: autonomy. The power to undo years of damage through free radicals and dietary shortcomings isn’t a matter that can be solved with today’s technology. The most potent restorative tool in our repertoire is the body’s own healing capability; all we need to do is equip it with the right ingredients. This is what Y.E.S. accomplishes with its many product lines, each geared to handle a different set of problems. In this way, Jeunesse isn’t the minister of a solution so much as a supportive element. Your body is the true curator of your illness.

The Offerings of the Youth Enhancement System

There are nine categories to check out within Y.E.S., and while there are deals for picking up the whole package, each system can be obtained separately for specific results. The options available include:

  • Improved mental clarity, including memory and processing speed
  • Heightened positivity
  • Enhanced metabolism and energy through the day
  • Gainful rest through the night
  • Radically effective skin treatment formulas to erase blemishes within minutes
  • Well-rounded fitness combinations
  • Immune-boosting goodness