Giving Hope to Infertility Individuals- Doctor Jim Toner

Every man and woman wish to hold their own babies in their hands, but some have missed the opportunity due to lack the ability to serve children was is mostly referred to as infertility. Medical experts explain infertility as the inability to conceive after a year or so of having unprotected sex. Men and women are both affected by infertility and according to study, women’s fertility declines as they get older, and most medical doctors and gynecologists treat women who are 35 years and above. Both men and women who cannot conceive should always consider making an appointment with an expert who is usually an endocrinologist. Finding an endocrinologist can an overwhelming but those in Atlanta they should not worry anymore.

Jim Toner is a fertility doctor based in Atlanta. Dr. Toner can as well be described as MD, Ph.D., who is also a board-certified reproductive specialist, infertility doctor and an endocrinologist. After his high school graduation, Toner knew what he wanted to be in life, he had a passion in medicine that is why he joined St Joseph’s College which is in Philadelphia and he earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Jim wanted to gain more knowledge and experience in the medical center and as if that was not enough, he moved on to join the University of Pennsylvania For a Medical Scientists Training Program, at the University he also graduated with an M.D as well as a Ph.D. degree in 1985. To be certified in the medical and scientist sector Dr. Jim Toner would go ahead to do his Residential Fellowship at Jones Institute.

Jim Toner is an expert in fertility and infertility issues. After his schooling, he began his career and he was serving at Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine based in Norfolk, where he gained skills as well as experience in his field. Later Jim would move to Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine in 2000 during summer. While working at Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, Jim Toner did not act as an endocrinologist, but he also held a leadership position in the medical center. Mr. Jim was the Director of both the Third Party Reproductive Program of the Institute as well as the Fellowship Program. Dr. Jim Toner leadership skills were carried on when he joined Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, and he continued holding the position of the Director of the Third Party Reproductive Program.

Dr. Jim has not achieved by treating infertile individuals, but he has also been able to write 20 chapters, 100 abstracts, as well 80 chapters. Over the years Toner has gained a vast experience and he is well known for his services in the valuation of ovarian reserve as well as its effect on fertility. Dr. Jim is dedicated to assisting individuals who have had multiple miscarriages as well as infertility problems. During his free time, he spends time with his family.

What Jim Toner Does Differently in Real Estate

When Jim Toner decided to start working in the real estate industry, he knew he had a lot of work to do. He also knew there were things he could do that were different from everything everyone did before him in the real estate industry. He made sure he could show people what they could get from the opportunities they had, and it became one of the biggest parts of his career. As long as people see the positive impacts he has on their real estate, they get more from the experiences. He always makes a point of treating his clients like they’re important. He knows they’re the most important part of the business because without them he wouldn’t be able to have a business. In fact, he’d struggle with real estate like so many other people have.

Even though times consistently change in the real estate market, one thing that stays the same is the need for a professional who helps with different real estate options. Jim Toner provides that to the industry. He knows just what people need and focuses on the right way to give them what they’re hoping for. As long as he continues showing people the positive parts of real estate, he stands to give everyone a chance at a better future. It’s his job to make real estate easier and he gives back to people whether they’re buying real estate or selling real estate.

Not every real estate agent gives the kind of service Jim Toner offers. In fact, many don’t care about their clients the way he does. He wants all his clients to understand they can have a better experience when they choose to use him. He also wants them to realize they’re getting a great service that’s better than most. When Jim Toner works with clients, he tries to get a good idea of what the clients like and how they plan to sell or buy the property. He spends time getting to know them, so he can make the experience better for all of them.

As a businessman, it’s all part of providing excellent customer service to his clients. Jim Toner continues providing customers everything they need so they don’t need to worry about what they’re doing. He also wants people to see the real estate industry isn’t all bad. In an interview, he mentioned that he works to eliminate any stigmas of the industry, so he has a chance to show people the right way to do business. He wants them to realize they have more chances at success than others had in the past. It’s his job to walk people through the real estate processes so he does what he can to make that easier for everyone. Get a copy of Jim Toner’s book thru Amazon today!

Get The Latest Business Advice From Oxford Club

It is very important to be informed by an updated banking institution on matters that relate to market trends, the latest investment strategies, and success principles. Your partner in this area is Oxford Club. Basically, the club consists of a network of successful investors and creative entrepreneurs all over the globe. The organization is giving its customers recommendations on real estate, metals, bonds, equities, and funds.

Any person can enjoy a rich life that’s beyond their money which is enhanced by creation and sustenance of wealth that will outlast them. This has been the mission and aim of this club. Under the leadership and direction of Julia Guth who is the Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Club, the management team is made up of qualified professionals in conducting research, sales, and customer services and well-talented strategists who are experts in various assets matters.

From the establishment of the company in 1989 as a Passport Club and later Oxford Club in 1991, the club has not failed even at once to provide choicest advice and recommendations to their customers. The organization presents three main membership levels namely Premier which is renewed per annum and is for those who have subscribed to any of the club’s publications, then Director’s Circle which gives its members access to all 3 newsletters, it’s for established members who are fully committed and the 3rd one is Chairman’s Circe Membership which is the most prestigious for they can access some features and all publications on the organization’s website.

The underlying drive of Oxford Club has been to provide investment recommendations which have very high success avenue and very minimal risks this has helped its members to key-in to the strategies and have avoided risks. The newsletters and over 12 different trading services cater for every investor despite their level of growth. The club has not run short of educational resources like videos, conferences and even courses in its educational website called Investment U.

As a member of Oxford Club, you enjoy some benefits like, having a 24/7 access to the most current recommendations, principles and strategies, easier access to financial advisors, their monthly newsletters, clubhouse, global posts and access to club gatherings which are held globally. This enhances networking. For additional details, follow them on

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Makeup Brand Brings Beauty To London Pop-Up Shop

Doe Deere is taking enjoyment in watching her makeup brand delight fans in the U.K. Lime Crime is now debuting at London’s FeelUnique pop-up shop and bringing wild, colorful palettes to new customers.


According to an item in the U.K.’s Stylist, the launch recently delivered everything makeup-obsessed women and men dream of. Lime Crime is all about contemporary cosmetics that break all the rules and offer fantasy, glamour, sexiness and vibrant makeup with incredible pigment.


This is not traditional makeup that typically features beige compacts, peaches and pinks and stuff everyone has seen before. Lime Crime is exciting, and their color spectrum goes beyond anything the big-time competitors put out.


Doe Deere established her makeup brand in 2008, bringing an alternative makeup concept to the vanity table. She wanted makeup that was unique, empowering, bright, bold and unapologetic.


Lime Crime was built on e-commerce and has become one of the few brands that are successful at selling cosmetics online and representing their image and mission in a new way.


FeelUnique is thrilled to be collaborating with the Los Angeles company and introducing the unicorn-fantasy cosmetics to its consumer base across the pond.


To start, FeelUnique and Lime Crime’s pop-up shop in London is debuting the vegan and cruelty-free brand’s famous Venus Palette eyeshadows, Velvetines lipsticks, Unicorn Hair and Lime Crime makeup brushes and a lot more.


The products are very popular in the United States and sell out quickly, earning a cult status title. For example, the Venus Palette is a gorgeous kit that women cannot get enough of. The generously-sized eyeshadows are comprised of grunge shades that are stunning on every eye color. The kit contains a compact mirror inside and a lovely image of the iconic Botticelli “The Birth of Venus” painting.


When it comes to lipsticks that are longlasting, sexy and exotic, Lime Crime has you covered in their Velvetines line. These awesome liquid matte lippies won’t rub off or disappear until you remove them. There are 36 luscious shades to choose from, and application is simple.


The experts recommend that you apply lip balm 15 minutes prior to using their product. Then, pat off the excess oils with a tissue. Apply the Velvetines lipstick directly to your lips, and use a lip brush to refine the edges. Remove the lipstick at the end of the day with a waterproof makeup remover or an oil.


For those British lovelies seeking some fun with their mane, Lime Crime has recently introduced their popular Unicorn Hair tints. These gentle, safe, semi-permanent dyes come in fun shades like Neon Peach, Bubblegum Rose, Chocolate Cherry and Caramel.


The tints work best with pre-bleached platinum to pale blonde tresses.


Lime Crime makeup and hair are for today’s modern woman or man who like defining their unique sense of beauty and power. The brand is huge on social media, and Doe Deere enjoys engaging with her global fan base. Learn  more:


To learn more, visit Lime Crime here.

Scott Rocklage- Getting Cure for the World Stubborn Illnesses

The Expansion Therapeutics is busy raising a series of finances to cater for its purpose in getting the right formula for fighting the genetic disorders. Included in this portfolio is the type 1 myotonic dystrophy disorder. The type 1 Myotonic dystrophy is the adult leading cause of the muscular dystrophy with the company adding a tune of 55.3 million dollars to its portfolio for the primary purpose of fighting the disease. The symptoms of the disease usually present themselves once the RNA reaches a high level of toxins.


Novartis Venture Fund, Sanofi Ventures, 5 AM Ventures and Kleiner Perkins are companies that took part in the financing of the project. RA Capital Management and Alexandria Venture Investments were also part of this undertaking.


RNA is body molecules easily transferred from your DNA and then converted into proteins. When some of the body RNA production reaches a high level of toxic, they cause the DM1 condition. This makes the heart, muscles, hormonal system, gastrointestinal system, respiratory system and the central nervous system become defective and fail. The disease may affect the entire families with the symptoms growing worse with the following generation, and currently, the medical community has a shortage of DM1 effective treatment.


Expansion Therapeutics is one company with core job of creating medications that help confront the illnesses caused by RNA and currently, it’s concerned with expansion repeat disorder of the disease. Expansion repeat disorder is hereditary illnesses which don’t respond to the current medical interventions, and it also gets defective genes causing repeats of your DNA tiny portions that accumulate reaching toxic levels. Expansion RNA gets targeted medications that depend entirely on science with the ability to offer treatment to any RNA-triggered illness. The partnership of Kleiner Perkins, 5 AM Ventures, and other companies gives the needed resources to get medication and treat various diseases with no cure.


Scott Rocklage attended University of California in Berkeley where he graduated with Chemistry, and he is the 5 AM Venture managing partner. At Massachusetts institutes of technology, he received his Chemistry Ph.D., and in 2003 he joined the 5 AM Venture. He has 30 years experience in healthcare management and has submitted numerous clinical trials and boasts of 30 U.S patents with at least 100 publications which are peer-reviewed.


Visit to learn more.

A review of AvaTrade, a regulated forex broker

AvaTrade trading platform has been around and functioning since it was first launched in 2006. The operations of the firm are regulated by Central Bank of Ireland, ASIC, FSA, FSB, and BVI. AvaTrade is a regulated forex broker that helps in providing trading solutions to its traders. Ever since it was launched, the platform has attracted over 20,000 plus traders. For a user to open an active account, they are required to deposit a minimum of $250 or open up a demo account to familiarize themselves with how the platform works. AvaTrade is similar to other brokers in that it takes a fee from the spread. Compared to other popular brokers that have been featured in broker notes, AvaTrade spreads are more competitive.

AvaTrade does not charge inactivity or withdrawal fee thus making it more popular compared to other brokers. Also, AvaTrade overnight fees and swap rates for long positions on EUR/USD is $5 and for short positions on EUR/USD is $0 and does not levy on commission on CFD shares. AvaTrade gives its users a wide range of instruments to trade with over 250 instruments to choose from which also includes well over 59 pairs of currency. AvaTrade has made the trading experience very convenient for traders as it entails a mash-up of both Mac and Windows hence traders can use any device they will for trading. Furthermore, mobile apps offered by AvaTraders for Android and iOS enables traders to follow and execute trades from wherever they may be. The unique trading features for AvaTrade is that it allows scalping and hedging at the same time offering a choice for low minimum deposit.

A wide range of accounts are provided, and traders are at liberty to choose from the demo, micro, mini, standard, managed or Islamic account. The type of execution of the trade in AvaTrade may differ depending on the instrument involved and the trader. AvaTrade is a market maker, and for this reason, it offers lower entry requirements, smaller minimum trades requirement and no commission on trades. For the purpose of serving as a guide, AvaTrade also has a varying margin requirement of up to 0.05% on currencies. AvaTrade has the capability of supporting a wide range of international languages and also have BrokerNotes triple AAA support rating. The AvaTrade platform could be easily accessed, but it is essential that one has to open up an account first to trade.

HCR Wealth Advisors Addresses Market Volatility In 2018

Not long after the end of 2017, HCR Wealth Advisors had a blog post on its website about how 2017 will go down as one of the least volatile years on record.  The biggest pullback in stocks during the year was just -3%. Historically the stock market experiences a pullback of at least double digits, so 2017 was unusual. The question is whether 2018 would see more of the same or whether volatility would increase.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm based in Los Angeles, California. It provides financial advice to help people get through the inevitable transitions of life. This can include marriage, a loved one dying, starting or selling a business, or other major life events. As investment advisors, the firm helps clients financially manage these big events in their lives as well as their day to day lives.

In the blog post, HCR Wealth Advisors wrote that it was almost certain that 2018 would be more volatile than 2017. The only uncertainty would be the catalyst for a larger pullback. It could be rising bond yields, some type of international event, or an American policy shift when it comes to trading with China. Unfortunately, no one knows what it will be until it happens.

HCR Wealth Advisors has a team of advisors that is experienced at understanding and managing market volatility. The firm sees the current underlying fundamentals of the global stock market as good but that does not mean that there will not be volatility in the future.

HCR Wealth Advisors seeks to create life-long relationships with its clients and ensure to earn the trust of its clients. The firm also offers its clients educational opportunities to help them understand markets, risk tolerance, and how to save for investment as well as how to live as a retiree.  Stay in touch with @HCRwealth by following them on Facebook.

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website

The Effort Made By Gregory Aziz At National Steel Car

National Steel Car has been on the apex on the matter related to the production of the quality products in the market. The factor that has set the company in the right lane in the market is the excellent leadership that has been integrated into the system of the organization by Gregory James Aziz. There are many ideas that he was involved in the system of the company to make all the operation of the National Steel Car successful. Aziz took the leadership of the organization and ensured that all the factor of production in the company is within the rights lane. The management of the National Steel Car has linked the activities of the firm to the standards of the ISO with and intention of perfecting the quality as per the demands of the market.


National Steel Car has managed to retain the image of the dynamism in the firm through innovation. The research carried out by Gregory J Aziz revealed the benefits that link invention and integrated technology appliances in the company to the production level, and the sales in the firm National Steel Car deals with the manufacture of the freight cars and the railroads. Due to a wide of products, consumers are faced with the task of making choices that require them to make an informed decision regarding the product. Go Here for additional information.


The step that organization has taken to address their needs is opening up branches in various sections of the world to allow them to access the supplies of their products. Due to this, the fight for market space by National Steel Car with other competing companies is linked to product performance where products offered matches the demand that is needed in the market. Incorporated technology system by Greg Aziz at the National Steel Car has excellent benefits in handling the information within and outside the organization.


The preferred by consumers are made to have the vast knowledge regarding the services of the National Steel Car through various means of product promotion adopted by the company. The decisive step has outlined how integrated technology products impact consumer preferences of the National Steel Car.


Gregory James Aziz took part in steering the family business named Affiliated Foods to the perfect niche in the market.


Gregory James Aziz’s vast knowledge in the field of Economics from the University of Western Ontario has set him in the better position of dealing with many challenges in the area of leadership.

The Oxford Club Helps Investors Thrive in Any Market Conditions

The Oxford Club is all about helping their members find success in the complex investment world and they do this with an extraordinary range of research and products. The time-tested strategies that they employ enable members to successfully weather all market conditions and thrive. They offer an expert’s view with three different newsletters and a dozen trading services that give members a leg up in constructing a winning portfolio.

The humble origins of what came to be called The Oxford Club began in 1989 when a small group of investors banded together to search for outstanding opportunities in the marketplace. They believed that the best way to do this was through research and personal connections all of which they practice today as well.

The notion that market-beating returns and lower risk can go together may seem like a mismatch at first. This is exactly what The Oxford Club has learned how to do with their strategies and part of this is a timely exit strategy. This protects the portfolio and allows members to sleep at night knowing that plans are in place ahead of time. The question, after all, isn’t if the market will decline but when and this contingency has been fully addressed.

The Oxford Club produces three newsletters that are focused on different areas of the markets and gives members expert analysis and commentary. They highlight market trends and trading opportunities with exhaustive research that has been compiled by professionals with deep knowledge and experience.

The trading services that are available at The Oxford Club can give members the edge that they are looking for as they provide high-quality tips and insights. There are 12 of them and they cover a wide range of asset classes so every corner of the market can be potentially taken advantage of. This strategic research can help members craft extraordinary portfolios that offer exciting possibilities.

Investment U is the educational resource that is available to members of The Oxford Club and it consists of online courses, videos, and conferences among other products. This can give members an increased knowledge base to work from and help them realize their goal of financial independence quicker.

Tony Petrello: CEO with a Cause

     Tony Petrello is a business leader and president and chief executive officer at Nabors Industries. He has a masters in mathematics from the University of Yale, where he was offered a full scholarship for his talents. He then moved on from mathematics to law and joined Harvard Law School where he graduated with his law degree. Before becoming CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello, worked his way up after having experience with many other businesses.

Though Petrello has been hugely successful with Nabors Industries, he also makes time for his philanthropic ventures. One of his biggest passions is helping those children who suffer from neurological disorders, like his daughter Carena. Carena was diagnosed with PVL (periventricular leukomalacia), a disorder that affects the brain’s ability to eat, speak, and walk. She has been a huge inspiration to Tony, and his wife Cynthia, and the motivation to donating their time and money to find a cure. This prompted Tony to volunteer to serve on the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. He advocates for children to make certain that they have access to the best care and resources to survive. He has donated over 7 million dollars to the hospital so that it could improve its care for the children, and continue their clinical research.

Tony Petrello’s generosity doesn’t stop there, he has also donated to educational institutions, like Yale University, where he donated 150 thousand dollars because he truly believes in the importance of investing in future through education. He has continued involvement with Yale because he believes his education to be a huge contributor to his success. He strives to provide others the same opportunity to have a successful educational career as he was at both Yale and Harvard.

Giving back to those in need seems to be in Tony Petrello’s nature, and is an important part of Nabors industries as well. After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the employees stepped up, by taking time off to help with relief efforts. To show appreciation Tony ensured that those employees were given paid time off to help. The employees contributed over 170 thousand dollars for relief, and Tony matched the donation. They created the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund and they used their kitchen to cook large quantities of meals for those affected, three times a day. Tony Petrello is largely known for his charitable and philanthropic efforts.